LEGEND Princess Mandalika LOMBOK

The sun is very hot when Contributor Linkers, Nico Haryono along the shore of Kuta Beach Lombok. Nico present among the hundreds of people present among the hundreds of people who crowded beach Seger to watch and follow the smell Nyale cultural ceremonies. A tradition that has lasted hundreds of years ago, originated from the sad story of a princess Lombok.

Nyale smell the distinctive culture of Lombok are usually held at Kuta Beach, Seger and Selong Belanak. 2015 implementation hosted in Seger Beach, Pujut, Central Lombok. In the language of Lombok, said odor similar means to capture while nyale marine worms. Marine animals is unique because there is only once a year and appeared along the southern coast of the island of Lombok. Nyale can be obtained at about day - 19-20 in the tenth and eleventh years sasak. It is characterized by the emergence of Rowot star.

According Sasak calendar calendar month to one starting on May 25 and the number of days in a month is 30 days. Determination of the date of arrest Nyale determined based Sasak calendar is at once the result of an agreement Indigenous leaders.

Folk festival held to commemorate the story of Princess Mandalia, Princess Lombok very beautiful flawless. Famous famous beauty up across the country. Oddity occurred in Princess Mandalika, each prince dating apply neither he refused. The prince could not accept the decision and agreed to try his daughter fortune through war. The winner will have the right to marry the princess. The bloodshed occurred, many casualties, daughter became sad, and then he decided to sacrifice body and soul. before carrying out the intentions of the princess meditated and got wangsit so he invited all Pengeran on the 20th of 10 calendar months dating to the beach Sasak for Seger Kuta, Lombok.

On the day that awaited dsan all the princes and the people gathered, the daughter said she would menjada Nyale, which can be enjoyed by everyone on the month and date. Not long after his daughter spoke to throw themselves into the sea and immediately swallowed by the waves. After the lightning and the wind was blowing, beach calmed down, then came animal shaped beautifully colored marine worms. This animal was then called Nyale.

In general, people Lomb ok Nyale believe that getting in touch with the welfare, safety and a better life. Like the people of Yogyakarta when trying to obtain objects - objects in the mountains grebeg, Surakarta people who are trying to obtain buffalo dung Kyai Slamet.

People believe Nyale can fertilize the soil so that they will get a bountiful harvest. If the number of worms - worms that come out of the sea polynomial, then if the farm they will get good results as well. Nyale worms caught on the shoreline then sown to rice and processed into food, berupan pepes to be used as a medicine.

Hill covered by the community awaits the arrival time of capture Nyale. In addition they are also eager to witness the ritual Presean, two fighters will collide daru two villages rattan in 4 rounds. Later in the evening, until early morning, the shoreline will appear red to flashing lights flickering - a flashlight. Berbondong society - bonding down to the sea at low tide, swarm up to 200 meters towards the sea, they are trying to catch nyale along the coast.

When the red tinge on the eastern horizon appears, then people began inching back to shore. They have to finish their activities, because the sea water began to tide. Anything that day, how many Nyale they earn, that is their fortune.

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