Otel Lobby present to bring perfection to your authentic culinary lovers in Indonesia

In the midst of the restaurant which offers a wide variety of culinary flavor of Europe, America, and Asia, Otel Lobby present to bring perfection to your authentic culinary lovers in Indonesia.

Looks with modern packaging significantly manifested Otel Lobby through the interior and exterior design that makes dining atmosphere culinary connoisseurs increasingly s \ exclusive. Atmosphere is a blend of feminine and masculine so clearly defined through detailed design as well as interior ornament Otel. Just like a five-star hotel, a chandelier that hangs just above recepsionis give a touch of the exotic interior is offered.

Located in a strategic area Epicentrum precisely in Annex Bakrie Tower Otel Lobby born from a mature concept of a perfection locavore dishes (various kinds of dishes). Where diverse traditions of local dishes nicely able to collaborate with international dishes. Bak oasis in the middle of the desert expanse of white Otel Lobby is able to translate a series of concept farm - to - the - kitchen which prioritizes the use of materials - high-quality local ingredients to create a dish taste perfection with a thick bandage modern feel. The Head Chef at the same time co owner Otel Lobby, Maya Aldy stressed his commitment to the creation of a dish which is precisely the theme of custum menu will pamper the foodies.

Various entrees can be the right choice to reveal the delicacy of the dish offered. Call it the Prawn Tempura which successfully combines spicy and sour flavors represented by pineapple sorbet into a pleasure inevitable. Or to try the Wagyu Burger Cheese Spring Rooll which is a unique blend of soft-textured ground beef with the delicious taste of melted cheese and homemade kechup capable members of a special sensation.

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Moving on to the main course dishes, Otel offers Beef Wellington and Pan Roasted salmon as a signature. Selection of Beef Wellington is perfect for those who like western-style dishes. This soft textured beef tenderloin wrapped in pretty puff pastry very membangkiykan appetizing aroma. Medium Pan Roasted Salmon presents a culinary experience not less serunya.Dengan made of fried mussels, beet puree and apple herbed sauce, this dish offers an amazing balance of flavors.

For the chocolate lover, Otel also has the special.Meski penyajianya require quite a long time, but the Chocolate Souffle is a dessert that is very feasible for dicoba.Sementara for beveragenya you can choose the Burning Mandarin which gives the sensation of fresh, spicy, and manis.Atau if confused, you can ask the bartender to make a drink that suits your taste like Virgin Cucumber and Strawberry Mojito Deluxe.

Yup, Otel Lobby is one of the best great escape for the foodies! **


JLN, Central Epicentrum South Gate Enterace

(The Annex Building of the Bakrie Tower)

Regions Epicentrum -Kuningan

South Jakarta.