Pawon cave, Ancient Human Skull, Bats

Aroma guano "bat droppings" began to sting penetrating nose hairs, when footsteps one by one up the ladder to the left side of the precipice, but it did not dampen the desire for a closer look at the skulls of early humans although watches already shows around 15:00 pm, while the weather is cloudy ,

The delegation consisting of teachers, students and the students had to, had to bow when passing through a short corridor of about three meters, then turn left to pass the path until you reach a large terrace on the brink.

The participants held Geotrek Pawon Cave Nature Lover Student Association (PMPA), Padjadjaran University was on Saturday (10.11.2015) ago, then an explanation of Budi Brahmantyo (researchers and observers karst Bandung Basin Research Group (KRCB).

Position Pawon Cave is located at an elevation of 709 masl, exactly the same height Bandung Train Station, here are a hominid Homo sapiens who lived between 6000-9000 years ago, he said.

The meaning of the name Pawon Sundanese is the kitchen and there was a chimney, from the story of the people also have no link with the Legend Sangkuriang planned to be married to her mother Dayang Sumbi Mount Masigit.

That explanation is a gateway for participants to know more near Cave Pawon which is about 25 kilometers from the city of Bandung, were located in the karst region Citatah, Cipatat, West Bandung regency.

After getting an explanation, and then follow the footsteps thin footpath with the left side and right side of the ravine cave room. Aluminum ladder to climb to finally arrive outside the cave. On the right side, visible iron bars, and a human skull.

Bandung Basin researcher who is also Chairman of the Society of Geography Indonesia, T Bachtiar in Cave Pawon explain ancient human skull was found aged between 6,000 and 9,000 years ago.

"Early humans berindentitas the woman, known for Homo Sapien," he said.

The position of the ancient human skull in a state of curled-preserved ash from the eruption of Mount Sunda (the forerunner of Mount Maras). Original skull had been secured at the Institute for
Archaeology, said.

At a depth of one meter discovery of ancient human skulls, too, there are charcoal.

"This proves that they've been cooking and eating the meat of animals whose bones are used as a weapon," he said.

Including also found seeds hazelnut or muncang. Even the jewelry like canines also found that there bolongnya.

"Means canine was used as an ornament," he said.

After enjoying the atmosphere of the Cave Pawon atmosphere, the participants climbed the stairs to the summit of Mount Pawon to see the "stone garden". Does not feel four hours had passed geotrek activities, the participants imagine how the atmosphere of past life in the karst region which is currently threatened by the action of limestone mining.

Meanwhile, the participants admitted Geotrek activities were satisfied with these activities because they can better know the history of early humans, especially in the Cave Pawon.

"I want to know the karst region in particular Citatah Pawon Cave," said participant Geotrek Pharmacy student of Islamic University of Bandung (Unisba) force in 2014, Ahmad.

He claimed that he originally only knew or heard about the cave Pawon but did not know that in that location there early humans.

Cave Pawon currently included in the Pangandaran Read Travel Widya site and visitors can learn more close early human history. Just unfortunately, the local government does not seem seriously to lift the cave as a tourist potential of science is seen public facilities are built only rudimentary only.

If really laid out well as providing guidance and information on the history of the karst region Citatah including early humans, it is not likely to be many foreign tourists who come to the venue.

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