Remember Bandung, remember also Three High Tower's Tourism

Bandung is a city that has a lot of things to be put forward. The things that make the tourists continually flock to this cool, distant city. Besides superior to many diverse culinary and fashion, Bandung also has another interesting hand, one of them with high towers tour.

The presence of buildings towering indeed often invite admiration. How not, its presence could make tourists satisfied because I could see the whole town from a height. From a height that there are beautiful moments that can not be described with words.

Talking about building a towering, Bandung indeed have it. There are some buildings that can be used as a tourist destination. These include the following:

1. The twin towers Masjid Raya Bandung

Twin tower building is situated in the area of ​​Masjid Raya Bandung. The twin towers have reached a height of 81 meters. With that height, many corners of the city of Bandung in sight.

To enter the tower we just simply pay breasts entry of 2,000 rupiah. When he reached the top, we can surround the head of the tower to see the city of Bandung. This tour is perfect if done by asking the son's daughter in order to get education.

2. Tower BRI Tower

BRI tower or commonly referred to BRI Tower is a building which contains the workplace. By using the name "BRI" as government bank, the contents of the building are diverse, one of which is the leading radio station in the city.

The building has 18 floors is classified into one of the tallest buildings in Bandung. Only the building is not a building that is accessible to the public. But for the tourists do not need to be discouraged because it can still enjoy the beauty of the building, one of them with photos.

3. Hotel Ibis

Hotels in the area of ​​integrated Trans Studio Mall (TSM) is a 3 star hotel that has 606 rooms the hotel is a hotel with high-rise buildings, even is the largest in Asia Pacific.

Towering building that is filled with glass is a magnificent building. To stay one night there appreciated ranging from 560 thousand to 970 thousand. But if you do not want to stay, tourists can take photos with the background of the Ibis hotel.

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Now, after knowing the three tall buildings, tall towers in Bandung tour can be done with fun. Have a good vacation.