7 Fun Places in Yogyakarta that deplete ADRENALINE

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Have ever been to Yogyakarta right? A beautiful city that is a favorite for tourists, even the admin himself once asked one of the tourists from the Netherlands where only goal when you come to Indonesia? The answer is Bali, Yogyakarta and Bandung. hmm it means Yogyakarta is one of the main favorite tourist city visited by tourists. For that we present information about

7 Fun Places in Yogyakarta that deplete ADRENALINE

In addition to its history and culture, Yogyakarta offers caves, mountains, waterfalls, rivers to the sea, which is not only beautiful to enjoy, but also ready to provide a different experience when exploring the various activities that challenge.

1) CAVING Cave Jomblang

Caving in Jomblang using special equipment of international standards and must be accompanied by an experienced searcher cave. Jomblang entered the cave, visitors must first fight was afraid to descend the cliffs as high as 60 meters with single rope technique (SRT), then towards Luweng Grubung to enter the mouth of a giant cave. Jomblang and Luweng Grubug connected a dark alley 300 meters long. During the trip in this alley eyes will be made stunned by rock crystals, stalactites and stalagmite. At the end of the journey, the sun broke through from Luweng Grubug from a height of 90 meters form the pillar of light that illuminates the dramatic flowstone. Is a very popular area to take pictures, to climb required to remove footwear so as not to damage the rock formed over thousands of years. Sealain the underground river that is still a system with Kalisuci was flowing underneath was echoed throughout the cave once used as a place of shooting reality show The Amazing Race this. (Jomblang Resort, T.0811 117 010)

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2) CAVE TUBING Kalisuci & Pindul

Cave tubing is an adventure activity that combines body rafting and caving down the river in the dark bowels of the earth as long as 300 meters. Not required special preparation to do caving tubing since the equipment that is needed is a tire, life vest, head lamp that everything is prepared by the manager. There are two alternative locations to do cave tubing in Yogyakarta, namely Kalisuci and Pindul in Gunung Kidul. Kalisuci cave itself is in the Karst region Gunungsewu. Cave tubing trip along the 500 meters will take place in one and a half to two hours. Landscapes and ekokosietem in the cave can be enjoyed, in addition to the unique winding river - winding with shrubs and a bat that was hanging. Pindul is the underground river of Oyo River, the same river divides the gorge in Niagara Sri Gethuk. Quiet stream that makes it safe to do children's activities - children and adults, with the duration of the traverse between 45 to 60 minutes. (Operator: Kalisuci Cave Tubing, T.0877 3879 4513; 2944 9004 T.0812, www.goapindul.com)

3) sandboarding South Coast Yogyakarta

Sandbanks is a rare natural phenomenon. As the one - the only sand dunes in Southeast Asia covering an area of ​​two square kilometers of Depok Parangtritis Beach, South Beach in Yogyakarta creates totpografi hilly - hill. Sandboarding lovers can slide from a height varying between five and seven meters with the board like a skateboard. Board rental services available without a time limit, here if you want to try sandboarding. The game is safe for anyone, as long as pay attention to safety and helmet use.


Parangtritis hill to the east is a perfect location to enjoy the beauty of the South Coast by flying tandem paragliding. This activity is safe for landing menhikuti instructor when suspended in air for about 45 minutes. If the wind conditions were good, then the duration of the air melayangdi can reach one hour, before being able to land at Parangtritis. In addition to paragliding, visitors can also drive all - terrain vehicle (ATV) which is tenanted lined up Parangkusumo Parangtritis. The best location for riding ATVs is in Parangkusumo relatively quieter, so they can more freely operate vehicle without fear of bumping into people.

5) OFF - ROAD Mount Merapi

In Kaliadem, some 4WD cars lined up and ready to offer the experience of enjoying Merapi off - road. Volcano Tour itself known name after Merapi eruption in 2010 that destroyed several villages on the southern slopes, including Nature Kaliadem. There are several routes to offer Lava Tour Merapi, on the short trip up the long trip to the Museum remainder of my possessions to the tomb of Mbah Maridjan. Suggested dating as early as possible to simultaneously enjoy the sunrise. During the journey, the vehicle will pass through some puddles, so there needs to be a change of clothes and a jacket that was not cold when in the open-topped vehicle. (Operator: Lava Tour Merapi, T.08156868141)

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Depok Beach

Food stalls lined up along the beach offers the best seafood in South Beach. Visitors can enjoy a variety of grilled seafood with Lesbian while enjoying views of the South Sea.

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7 Fun Places in Yogyakarta that deplete ADRENALINE