7 Waterfall in Malang hidden

1) Coban Parang Tejo

Located in the hamlet Princi, Ivory Kulon Village, District Dau, Malang, East Java Province. Coban Parang Tejo has a height of about 100 m with the water running smooth. This waterfall is located slope of Mount Butak and formed Metro River flow at the border village of the District Tlekung Junrejo Batu and Blitar.

2) Coban Glotak

 Coban Glotak one of them.
Still in the area Bedalisodo malang.Terletak Village, District Wagir, Malang, East Java Province.
Coban has a height of about 100 m and is located on the slopes of Mount Kawi.Lingkungan in Coban is still very natural.

3) Sumber Pitu

This one is located in Malang area slightly east, more precisely in the area of ​​the District Tumpang, Malang.
To get there we can take toward a national park via the BTS (Bromo Tengger Semeru) to the village of Wringinanom turn left and go into the village duwetkrajan up here you can opt for trekking.
According to local residents called "Sumber Pitu" because the top emanated 7 different springs, many people believe that the water source is efficacious pitu, curious ??

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4) Grojokan Sewu

Precisely highway Malang - Pujon. if of poor peek just to the left certainly met. unique, here there are hall and mosque that has the feel of chinesse.

5) Banyu Ajlok

Banyu ajlok there on the beach. Tirtoyudo area south of Malang.

6) Coban Trisula

located in the same unidirectional Poncokusumo TNBTS.
stay ngikutin main road teruuussss up in coban rainbow and ride a little longer already plastered signpost "Coban Trisula".

7) Coban Jahe

Called "Coban Jahe" not because a lot of the ginger (Jahe) plant here, jahe meaning of the word die taken from the death of one crew military events against the Dutch colonial in this area.