Croissant was first introduced in France in 1838 by Austri officer named August Zang, owner Vinense Backery (Boulangerei Viennoise) at 92, Rue De Richeliu Paris. At first this store sells only Austrian pastry, namely kipferl horseshoe-shaped, but was later adapted into a few forms.

A crescent shape, or cresent - is the most popular so long - over time it is spoken as a croissant pastry, which in French means most in demand. There has not been a written history stating the exact origin of the croissant. There is mention of croissants as ribbing Austria against Turkey failed to capture him in 1683, which was made kipferl shaped crescent is a symbol of the Turkish empire.

Pastry is then brought to France by Marie Antoinette, daughter of the Kingdom of Austria who married King Louis XVI. Since then, croissants known as the food of the nobility. Stratified layers were crisp and tender on a croissant using a technique called laminating, where batter-coated butter rolled repeatedly - again.

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