Enjoy the atmosphere Full of Memories in Jalan Surya Kencana Bogor

Jalan Surya Kencana in Bogor is not only a culinary center, but also the historical district. The road intersects with Otto Iskandardinata and Jalan Ir. H. Juanda, the road is made by Daendels in 1808 originally named Jalan Pos. This name was later changed to Handelstratt pada1905 Street, Commerce Street when Indonesia became independent until it became Suryakancana Street in the 1970s. Is an area that many inhabited by descendants of Chinese immigrants, home - their home can still be encountered here, in addition to heritage buildings, such as Hok Tek Bio temple and Hotel Market Baroe.

Want to know more about the invited guests Bogor through old buildings along Suryakancana, PHM Hospitalyty launched its newest property in the area of ​​Chinatown, namely Bogor Suryakancana THE 1O1. Having previously operated three similar hotels in Bali, Yogyakarta and Bandung, Bogor THE 1O1 Suryakancana by offering four star comfort. "The hotel is expected to have a positive impact for tourism Bogor, especially in the area around the hotel which is actually a heritage area, not just a culinary center," explains Kristian Kuntadi, Managing Director of CMF Hospitalyty.

Blending four architectural styles as well, namely the Netherlands, China, and the modern Sunda, in front of the building there is a canopy with pillars - pillars elegant at the same time spreading the impression of luxury. Small hallway that connects the buildings canopy to the main hotel building has a Chinese elements, namely the existence of a koi fish pond that is believed to bring good luck on both sides. Colonial elements also prominent in the lobby area, where it is seen from the window - a window painted pitih in the corner. Sundanese culture, such as angklung and miniature clay furnace, as well as the name - the name of the meeting room as Tirta, Rangga Ivory, and Lawang Seketeng was also present to enliven the cultural perpadian.

In addition to showing the concept of culture in the building, THE 1O1 Bogor Suryakancana also not forget to include modern elements by using a light brown color and white on the exterior. Her room was made as comfortable as possible with the interior chic and trendy, like the white floor gray - without encrusted carpets, and equipped with air conditioning VRV energy-efficient, free Wi-Fi access, LED television with international cable channels, an electric kettle to boil water for who want to enjoy tea, coffee, and windows overlooking the city, or Pangrango. (www.the101hotels.com)

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