Enjoy the beauty of the charm of Anyer Beach Facilities

Anyer which can be reached within three hours drive from Jakarta, the capital's residents could be an option for weekend. Now, with the presence of Aston Anyer Beach Hotel, Anyer region back ready to be excellent weekend destination. Provides the option to enjoy a modern building on the waterfront which is different from the majority of Anyer accommodation in the form of a resort or villa, Aston Anyer Beach Hotel is ready to spoil the whole family.

On arrival at the hotel lobby semi-open, each guest can be directly looked at the expanse of the sea. Unlike the hotel lobby were seriously impressed, lobby Aston Anyer Beach Hotel it comes with brightly colored style in poster form. Pop Art and attractive mural that seemed relaxed. In the lobby area is also a billiard table to pass the time, because the hotel wants to make his guests feel at home young age enjoy their holidays.

The hotel is the 100th of Archipelago International, Aston Anyer Beach Hotel has 101 rooms, where 55 of them have a balcony to enjoy the panoramic view of the sea, while the remaining 46 to get a view of the mountain. Each room is equipped with LED TV and free Internet access speed up to 100 Mbps.

Because staying here usually want to spend the entire weekend at the hotel without having to go out and look for other entertainment, the facilities offered was complete. Utilizing its location on the waterfront, this hotel has a pool deck area to sit - sit down to enjoy the beach breeze. For those who want to swim can enjoy the music, because the pond is equipped with underwater speakers.

Dusk, this area is a favorite of guests because this is where if the weather is clear, the eyes will be pampered with stunning sunset views. If still want to linger - long after the sky was darkening, the area around the pool deck will become merrier with the presence of a bonfire. Young children living here typically utilize a bonfire to burn marshamallow while enjoying sky sprinkled with stars.

Guests can also download the application Bob The Butler by scanning the barcode on the reception desk to order room service or restaurant via chat message. But of course eating at Anyer Beach Hotel Aston most fitting directly carried out at the Sunset Café semi-open and provide a diverse menu of Western and Indonesia. One of the favorite dishes here is the Kamikaze Chicken or chicken pieces with special homemade spice powder. (www.aston-international.com)

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