IN FIJI, Life is not Just about Beach

IN ROCKET gliding down the canyon Sunggai upper Navua in Fiji, in baeah tendrils hanging along 30 meters, when the school stops. This gorge splitting the volcanic heart of Viti Levu-largest island in the Fiji archipelago-and give new meaning to the island paradise. GOOD NEWS In 2000, an alliance of nine leading people in local, two villages, a logging company, and the government set laranggan logging, mining, and construction of roads in the area of ​​200 meters on either side of the boundary river, entered the gap are navigating a canyon crevice pitch length can be in browse in the world, approximately 29 kilo meters long.
Steep walls towering 45 meters into the sky, while the water was green with grade 2 and 3 currents flowing in the river se width of 6 meters. Rapids and splashes of water makes this oasis is always hectic with how to navigate life
in the tour one day in the governance of Rivers Fiji, a local guide who's laughter and singing mengisah the legend about