E kudu kudu I sikamangon buttui tamaniu /

E i si si Mentawai Mentawai I tamaniu /

E I pakei I pakei pickpocket pickpocket tamaniu /

E I pakei leccu I pakei leccu tamaniu.

Poetic mentawa it out of the parents since the figure had stood on the porch of his wrinkled uma.kulit wrapped titi, tato.sebentar he sucked his .asap tobacco roko mfngikuti wind direction kesebrangkehutan he was pandangi.kemudian he continued poem wood nya.Papan loose according to the shifting of the old man into uma.Ia a tribe salakbirat.aman sikerei Lau Lau, so people know someone who has now sat in sampingsaya.mungkin seeing wrinkles on my forehead, without being asked to interpret a poem he had just senandungkannya.mengangguk bobbing on long enough. "This, safe," then I offered him a cup of cold coffee bidder who had been my pegang.uma, Mentawai house, which is scaled in this patrilineal, made from alam.tiang main poles of wood ribuh which kokoh.daun penghuninnya thatch protecting from rain and hot.There also bamboo, rattan, palm tree trunks, as well as material aloes tambahan.di front section facing toward the sunrise, curved wooden staircase connect each other to touch the ground under his .At the end of the stairs, concave soil hold water for washing piring.ruang tenngahnya broad as takraw.punen football field, traditional ceremony, was held at Lau Lau sini.aman not stay alone with his wife in the uma ini.ia abay Lau Lau, and nya.aman five children, who then followed the child's name ter old, is a term for a man who has a wife on the call with abay.untuk few days, forget for a moment at the family inilahsaya hubbub of the city that have not felt comfortable again, replace it with kenyamanandusun inhale butuy, siberut, in the middle of the rain forest deepening of Mentawai. Berkelidah tattoo of the foot to the cheek Mentawai is not a form of manly-gagahan.apalagi

Safe Lepon accompanied his nephew cans, look for the plants in the forest to be made in medicine.

In the middle of the rainforest hinterland mentawai, uma, a traditional Mentawai house stood firm.
ribuh wood, thatch, bamboo, rattan and palm tree trunks are material to build
home lasted nyake place daily life and also the venue for the ceremony
adat.halaman next: a portrait of Abay Naro, Mentawai woman 40s with tattoos
patterned hook on the arm kiri.tak only men, women Mentawai also tattooing her body.

a sign that merekaseorang kriminalis.dalam arat sabulungan, flow inland public confidence mentawai, titi much agungdari itu.titi contains a philosophy of life, seluh their eternal journey towards surga.orang who want in-titi must prepare a dish of pork and chicken in a banquet before his body in tattoos by people sipatiti se, the creator of a tattoo. "The people who attach titi in her body once a targetoprasi petrus, mysterious shooter, around tahun'80's." said Adi rosa, researchers Mentawai tattoo, once in kediamanya. this time, Petrus has no new adalagi.lawan that must be faced by people in such inland Mentawai change in the form of religion and education formal.kepercayaan arat sabulunganyang be tread all aktipitas they will gradually tergerus.begitu well as the titi inherent in body, must deal with formal education to be entered by children in Mentawai. "titi that there is in the body of the child ren and adolescents is considered as a symbol of Keter and primitive past, when they draw education beyond a collection of Mentawai," continued Adi Rosa. what makes people mentawai "in exile" of life mendegungkan modernisasisebagai one to culture new? not an award that is done people in rural areas of the Mentawai is willing Air hours down the trail to visit family and their neighbors, just to exclaim "Aloita!"
E i si si Mentawai Mentawai I tamaniu /
E I saa leiku tamaniu.
the last fragment of poetry ever sung by safe Lau Lau was still ringing in my head Liiknya dancing-dancing accompany my eyes were not about to memejam.esok, longs should already be in the uma Leave it. "E i Mentawai Mentawai my brother / E many friends of my brother. "

Monkey skull hunting results in hanging inside uma as a marker above the age difference
The house (above) .Aman Lau Lau uizab dance, dance gerakanya taken
This camar.tarian of bird movement in the show for the celebration of the birth and the time of making the home (top right.) traditional medicine that has been in racik by Aman Lepon to treat diarrhea.
mandatory for sikerei to not sleep on the night before he was searching for and gathering medicine
(bottom right) next .halaman: Aman Lau Lau rest in the uma.

ERUPTION MEGA colossal Mount Tambora On 10 April 1815 the two had been dug kingdom of Tambora civilization and empire waist pekat.Dua ancient civilizations canopied mountain was still a mystery, but the pulse of a new civilization has blossomed.
Tambora civilization and concentrated kingdom has indeed been crochet menghilang.gunung destiny sebagay a perfect disaster, like the meaning of "tambora''yang in the local language means" call to disappear ".

However, the research vulkanoiog and archaeologists seem to reject the invitation that..they managed to reveal back some rural settlement in the kingdom of Tambora, along with splinter utensils. Currently, along the north coast of Sumbawa (in order to unravel the puzzle eruption of Tambora), photographer Dwi Oblo accompanied by the author Mahandis Yoanata Thamrin. for Oblo, this trip is also a good moment to test the Samsung camera Nx1-camera without glass reflector (mirroless) "high end" the latest from Samsung.

Belusukan currently searching for traces of Tambora eruption that happened 200 years ago, the local Oblo see owo tree, whose height is equal denggan bertingakat eight buildings. This tree is so handsome. He's already a hundred years. Its shoots into the sky as soribura village. For the community, owo trees provide sustenance. In the branches pinned some honeycomb. Lah citizens deserve mention this Tambora slope region with "soft honey". Meanwhile, the memamdang Oblo amazed owo tree, became the object of photography nan kanya as interesting shoots and branches towering into the appropriate test for a wide lens camera Semart Nx1.

At the root of the cresting, Oblo attempt to catch Details
in low light conditions. In his hand, Samsung Nx1 proven to work with ISO
100-25600-ken can be at levels of up to 51200. There Adaptiv features noise reduction more selective so that does not affect the image quality. Not only in low-light conditions, Oblo also test ketanguhan invitation kameraini in extreme weather conditions are not good. Menem trip bus when coffee plantation at the foot of Tambora, Oblo could record images with vidio features. Interestingly, the Oblo record moving images while piggybacking ojeg.

Samsung NX1memang designed denggan sturdy construction, but lighter moment in our tanggan. Therefore, this camera is made of magnesium alloy which is the standard for pro DSLR camera, the camera body weighs only 550 grams. They could Nx1 vidio to the quality of 4K (4096 × 2160 pixels 24p) also has presented support the MP4 format with a standard vidio vidio latest compression, namely HEVC (High Efficiency vidio coding) H.265 coding. The result, said Oblo, images produced by Nx1 good quality. In its preliminary compare, Nx1 has a processor that is 2.8 times faster. Naturally, this camera is equipped with a sensor processor DRime V 28 MP BSI CMOS APSC.

Nx1 carry the BSI image sensor (Back side lllumination) which makes the picture quality is quite good if taken in the room, although the lowlight circumstances. NX1juga can produce sharp and focused images, thanks to the points 205 PD AF and contrast AF 209 which fills the entire screen area, either horizontar or vertically.

Samsung also equip Nx1 features AF speed (55ms) + 1/8000 shuttr speed and designed capable of capturing moments in kesepatan 15 fps Continuous Shooting With AF. None of the precious moments that ter passing for immortalized Samsung Smart camera Nx1 also has the advantages of an LCD screen that can be lipatke upward or downward so as to facilitate the user to specify the position of the object image LCD, which contains the camera settings so that users can denggan easy see the camera settings without menampil the settings on the LCD screen.

Moreover, this time a couple of buttons and levers are also evident in abundance in the top of the camera so that the physical Nx1 semaki similar to a DSLR. Call it the presence of AF button, ISO, WB, metering, exposure compensation, AEL, AF-ON AF Area, Wifi, until the dial mode, and drive mode dial in some parts of the camera. Facilities also present denggan dukunggan connectivity Bluetooth and WI-FI LEEE 802. 11 b / g / n / ac and near Field Communication (NFC). This makes the wireless connection Camera Nx1 more easily linked with various other advanced devices, such as notebooks, tablet smartphone, or printer. Users can share Foti in social media or collaborate with other user.