Truffle preferred because it gives aroma and taste to anything around, so it is a perfect food ingredients, mainly to be juxtaposed with the material - material that is tasteless cuisine, just as pasta, rice, and potatoes. Because of this characteristic mak truffle can not be mixed to the material - material that is strong and flavorful taste.

Reacts strongly with fat, trufflesering quenched with butter, cheese, oil, dank rim. There are four types of truffles, the white and black ,, and each - each can be harvested according to the season. Black black truffles are harvested in summer is different with the black truffles are harvested in winter.

So even with white truffle, black truffle quality despite terkenak from France, but Australia also produce black truffles, precisely in Tasmania, the soil and climate conditions are similar in Perigord, France. About four and a half tons of black truffles produced annually in Tasmania. Although same - sam grow around Hasel and oak trees, unlike in France use pigs to detect the distinctive aroma of truffle, in Tasmania used sprsies spaniel dog sharper smell to find the truffles. In contrast to the pigs, dogs do not eat or destroy the high precious fungus.

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