Only in Australia was able to enjoy the diversity of nature, from the desert, the mountains, to the coast, with a number of modern metropolis which constantly ranked top as one of the most pleasant and comfortable place to live in the world. A variety of activities, panoramic, and this attraction, too, which makes Australia so attractive to all types of travelers, from families who want to find fun activities in the sun until the pedestrian single who want to enjoy exciting adventures exploring the tourist spots that are still a bit under the radar other foreign tourists.

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Natural Wonders. Australia is home to a number of natural wonders some of which is unique and rare, as well as extraordinarily beautiful, ranging from UIuru sacred by the Aborigines, to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland which is clearly visible from the vast space.

Lifestyle. Works of art that characterizes the city, the relaxed atmosphere, the diversity of the population and their properties are friendly, and the high quality of life here makes anyone coming here was going to fall in love with the lifestyle of its inhabitants are relaxed, have a way of thinking that is liberal, and the likes outdoor activities.

Australian Aborigines. The original inhabitants of this country believed to be one of the oldest parts of the world, with a rich culture that amazed, and his belief in the world before creation.

Exotic beaches. Australia has some of the best beaches in the world, ranging from Cable Beach in Broome; Hyams Beach which has the whitest sand in the world; Kirra Beach is legendary with the waves perfect for surfing; to Whitehaven Beach which is located near the Great Barrier Reef.

Kangaroos and koalas. Two of some typical Australian animals that are not only interesting to be seen directly, but had a chance to hug and or deal directly with them. Dingoes, Tasmanian devils and emus, and many more can be seen at the Perth Zoo

Best Wine. Margaret River is located not far from Perth, Barossa Valley, Adelaide, and the Hunter Valley near Sydney is the best wine producer in Australia, particularly Shiraz and Pinot Noir. Buy one or two bottles of wine, or a minimum of taste, is one of the things that must be done while here.

Ease of access. Australia within easy reach of Bali, which is about three hours from Denpasar to Darwin, as well as more choices of airlines that fly daily to several cities in Australia.