RUINS down Sukhothai

Only about 76 kilometers from Bangkok and can be reached in a car ride for 90 minutes, the ancient city of Ayutthaya, a former capital of the Kingdom of Sukhothai Bangkok provides an atmosphere contrasts with the always crowded and frenzy. Sukhothai kingdom itself is a center of civilization of Asia, thanks to its strategic location in the Gulf of Siam, in the middle of the distance between India and China. That is why the kingdom is also the center of trade between Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, thus inviting many foreign communities to settle here, like the nation of China, Japan, Vietnam, India, Persian, Portuguese, Dutch, and French. Ayutthaya region is now in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province with heritage sites spread over an area of ​​289 hectares.

As with many roads lead to Rome, many of them the way to Ayutthaya and the best way here is to follow the one-day tours that are offered various operators. In addition to comfortable because each participant will be picked up and delivered to the respective hotel, but also provided a guide who will explain each site visited. Because it is impossible to visit all the temples, following five of which are important in Ayutthaya are arranged in chronological order when it comes to the tour from Bangkok.

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First Termination:
Wat Phu Khoa Thong

The name of the temple which when translated into Golden Mountain Temple was built in 1387 in the village of Thong Phukhao. Chedi original style built by King Hongsawadi Mon from Burma to celebrate his victory conguered Ayutthaya next Phukhao Wat Thong made of red brick, which is still in a state of well-maintained. Were destroyed in the war, the restoration of the temple was done during the reign of King Boromakot, then add Thai-style chedi as high as 80 meters with a gold ball at the end in the former Mon-style chedi damaged. Visitors can climb to the chedi to enjoy the surrounding scenery surrounded by rice paddies of height.

Second Termination:
Wat Lokkayasutharam
Ayuttha Ayutthaya kingdom is divided into Early, Middle, and End. Judging from bricks and cement used and the model of the building, the temple complex that only ruins on the edge of the road was built in the mid-Ayutthaya period or when this kingdom was victorious-prime. Seems the most striking of these are the ruins of the complex along the 37 meter Buddha statue and as high as 8 meters in a state of lying face facing east. Former temple is still considered sacred by the local people, because people still lined up in front of a statue of Buddha to make offerings in the form of a bouquet of lotus buds begging for the sake of good fortune. After being around while doing selfie, around the ruins of the temple complex there are rows of stalls selling snacks and cold drinks, including coconut ice cream.


Third Termination:
Wat Mahathat
This temple is touted as a temple complex in Ayutthaya Historical Park as the most photographed by the visitors, especially the unique object in the form of the head of Buddha statue entwined roots of a banyan tree. Buddha's head is one of the many heads of Buddha lying on the ground after a search looted treasure. Because lying near the banyan tree, after hundreds of years, these tree roots twisted and menggangkat head of the statue to become what they are today. When you're busy line to take pictures with the Buddha's head, used to just stroll around the temple complex is no less charming. Built in 1374, Wat Mahathat quite large and still intact. Wat Mahathat itself when translated is the Temple of the Great Relics because this is where the relics of Buddha are kept and worshiped, besides a temple built in the 15th century it became residence supreme leader of the Thai monk.


Termination Fourth:
Wihan Phra Mongkolborphit and Wat Phra Si Sanphet
Both shrines are located in the same complex. Wihan Phra Mongkolborphit has a bronze statue of Buddha as high as 12.45 meters and is the largest Buddha statue in Thailand and was originally created to be placed outdoors. Built during the reign of King Srongtam statue is then shaded dome was destroyed by a lightning strike so later remodeled with cathedral roof is taking shape stronger. During the reign of King Rama 5, the roof that houses a statue of Buddha was then given a touch of the typical architecture of Ayutthaya. This is where also the cremation of the king and the royal family was held. Ongoing deeper than Mongkolborphit Phra Wihan, there is a complex of Wat Phra Si Sanphet which is the holiest shrine in the palace of Ayutthaya before it was destroyed by the Burmese. Because it is a shrine for the royal family, no monks living there. The remains of the temple splendor dominated lined three chedi is still visible because then the temple was used as a model to build the Wat Phra Kaeo in Bangkok.

Termination of Five:
Palace Bang Pa In
The palace is situated just outside the complex Ayutthaya Historical Park, and by the tour operator used as an option after visiting the temples and ruins in Ayuttaha way back to Bangkok. A summer palace of the kings of Thailand which was built in the 17th century, before the capital city of Bangkok made. Consists of several pavilions, each of which has a different architecture building, all the buildings are visible here is the result of restoration during the reign of King Rama IV in the 19th century. Palace feels more European nuance is still used, especially for state occasions. Surrounded by an artificial pond, ornaments here takes the form of a typical Khmer prang. Icons This place is a Thai-style pavilion in the middle of the pond which was built by King Rama V and inspired by Swiss-style chalet. To surround the palace complex is able to walk or hire a buggy for 350 baht for a lazy walk.