When traveling to Lombok, we are not only going to play water on the beach tetepi how about raising a little challenge? Enjoy Lombok would be perfect if we could enjoy it from above and below sea level. For Citilinkers who already have a certificate of approval following dive is the right article, those who have not discouraged because there is an introductory package or introduction for you to try!

In the western part of the island of Lombok course Citilinkers will find Senggigi and the three islands or call Lombok Gili Trawangan, Meno and Air. Many foreign tourists who visit this location, natural beach atmosphere ditambahnya spectator nature is very attractive.

There are so many choices of tours that we can enjoy in Senggigi, among others; snorkel, take a diving course or diving for those who already have licenses, surf kayaking sit enjoying a boat with a glass on the bottom for us to enjoy the underwater scenery. The quality of the coral reefs in Gili good enough, at some point the condition of coral reefs is still awake and really - really beautiful. Batangkan met with a variety of fish species such as Lion fish, eal, tiger fish, fish Manta which will approach Citilinkers and sharks. No need to worry because this type of shark that are not berbahay. For those who do not have a diving license and is exploring how it feels to dive, can contact some dive operators who are in Gili and Senggigi. The initial program introductions or so-called introduction can be tried as an initial introduction dive. Citilinkers will be guided step by step in the pool first and then try it in the shallow sea for introductions.

For travel under the sea this time, Linkers choosing dive operators Lombok Dive. Local dive operators which is owned by the son of the original Lombok, Mohni. Do not have to worry about security because of Lombok Dive been running 10 years of experience. The diving was like a plane, security has become the number one concern, because the preparation will be checked repeatedly.

There are more than 6000 species of marine life that live very close to the beach. Diving point located near Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno. Point as Meno Wall, Sea Turtle Point, Blue Coral, Wreak (shipwrecks) and some more. If Citilinkers interested in more adventurous, Citilinkers can arrange an appointment for diving spots in East Lombok or Belongas and Sekotong. If Citilinkers interested in diving in Gili, Lombok Timur, or Belongas, Sekotong, Lombok - Dive offers a great opportunity. Lombok Dive has often cater to tourists from abroad so that they are accustomed to using international standards but with friendly services like the Sasak people at large. To rate a day diving around Gili, they quote a good price as well as to the other dive locations. For a fee diving one day with 2 dives costs around Rp 1,300,000; diving certificate "open water" around Rp 4,500,000 to Rp 1,040,000 ;, unyuk fun dive 2 dives. This price is only a price range, Citilinkers can directly contact Lombok Dive for the latest details.


Office: +62 370692003 or +62 81805232385

Mohni: +62 81907883434

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