Here it is a new and hidden attractions in Bandung!

When talking about the tourist attractions in Bandung is certainly not a stranger to be heard by the tourists. Call it a favorite tourist areas frequented by tourists like Tangkuban Perahu, Kawah Putih, Lembang area, Dago, and of course many more.
But not only that, now the tourists who come to Bandung seemingly obligatory visit tourist areas Tebing Keraton. Landscape in the area of ​​Dago Pakar presents a beautiful view of the cliffs that form the beginning scene in cyberspace, then exploded into one of the tourist destinations in North Bandung.

Which makes people fascinated by the Tebing Keraton is an outstanding landscape, especially in the morning, when the sun emerging behind a hill. Fog slowly decomposes, valleys with pine trees was seen verdant exposed to the sun.
The streets at dawn, seeing the sunrise from the Tebing Keraton
, located in North Bandung area is an unforgettable moment for the tourists who come.
Not only Tebing Keraton, the tourists who come to Bandung this time should try to set foot in Curug Malela.

Curug Malela known as Little Falls is indeed rarely touched. Access is quite difficult might be one cause. But if it got there all the weariness and sense of stress while at work in the office will be paid in cash by the beautiful scenery and fresh air in Curug Malela.

Many mentioned that Curug Malela like Niagara in Ontario, Canada. Not merely disepertikan with Ontario although it Malela size is much smaller with the discharge water is also much less. However, judging from the structure that is well-deserved Curug Malela nicknamed Niagara Mini.

Curug Malela which in Indonesian means Malela Waterfall, located in the village of Cicadas, District cavity - Gununghalu West Bandung regency, West Java province.

At 4:14 duration video uploaded by youtube account Aris Septiana natural beauty on a Tebing Keraton and Curug Malela can silencing anyone who comes to visit because fascinated by the beauty of nature presented by both places. So Wait Moreover? 

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