Hidden treasure in East Lombok

If you've arrived on the island of Lombok, berpetualanglah slightly toward some beautiful places on the other side of the island of Lombok. East Lombok offers a view full of charm. Although the journey to some of the tourist sites are still quiet is not so good but the scenery at the end of the trip really worth the time wasted in traveling. Sepanjjang green scenery road because the rainy season was refreshing eye. Let the adventure holds pink sand or even peek beautiful untouched coral reefs.

BEACH Kaliantan

Kaliantan beach one of the tourist area, in the southern part of East Lombok, precisely in the District of Jerowaru. Beach Kaliantan can be reached via routes from Kota Mataram towards the East to the East Lombok and takes about one hour followed towards the South through the districts Sikur, Sakra, Keruak, Jerowaru, Pemongkong and finally arrived at the end of the beach coast Kaliantan with additional travel time less 1.5 hours.

The beach at the tip of the island of Lombok is still rarely visited wisatawan.Hanya when the ceremonial celebration of culture, such as Bau Nyale ceremony. Nyale smell, folk ceremonies unyuk capture a kind of worm. This traditional ceremonial event took place between the months of March hungga Februai where almost half the population Lombok island dating to the beach to participate in various ceremonial events. Nyale or marine animals a kind of worm, according to public confidence in Lombok has a property and can be a blessing as extrude various diseases or plant pests in a field. Following the ceremonial is believed to increase agricultural output.

Geographic rocky beaches, and shades of pink blends contrasting with the blue water that makes color gradation feast for the eyes. Although the beautiful beaches, once saying there is no place for shelter, a restaurant or a shop selling drinks in the surrounding area. Tips for Citilinkers who want to visit here, take the preparation of drinks and lunch pack lunch. While enjoying the breathtaking views, we can take shelter under a tree while enjoying lunch.

Tanjung Ringgit

If Citilinkers already in Tanjung Ringgit, means Citilinkers already at the end - the eastern tip of the island of Lombok. Sumbawa island looked so close from where we stand. The scenery was incredible! Tanjung Ringgit, high berdataran coastal topography invitation in the form of cliffs - steep cliffs can be reached in about 30 minutes from the village center or approximately 2.5 hours of Mataram. Tanjung Ringgit features views of the beach with other shades, Citilinkers can see panoramic ocean Indonesia or known as the Indian Ocean. From the height of the cliff owned topography. These cliffs are fascinating natural scenery to be enjoyed, as well as its structure as a result of the exotic natural formations, but also the texture of rock penysunannya has a color gradation menarik.Selain natural scenery around Tanjung Ringgit, Citilinkers can find several caves - caves relic Japan , as the landing footprint of Japan in World War II around 1942. At that time the Japanese landed at Tanjung Ringgit Pemongkong territory and control of the surrounding area.

In anticipation of an attack, the Japanese army build underground lines and gia - caves in the surrounding area as pertahanan.Sampai current underground lines and the cave is still there and is known by the name of Japan or Tangsi Goa. Besides Goa Japan there are also other historical relics, namely cannon fairly large with a length of 5 meters, is placed facing the Indian Ocean, which is intended to attack the army - Allied soldiers who will go into the area.


Expanse of unique pink sand beaches make the coast Tangsi quite interesting to visit even if not yet available adequate facilities. Based KamusBesar Indonesian, means barracks dormitory or barracks. Somehow history pink sandy beach is named Tangsi, but in fact there memeng former Japanese army headquarters here, in the form of artificial caves and cannons Dutch colonial heritage. In the end, people are more familiar beach sandy beach Tangsi as pink or pink, so the name is more famous pink beach than the beach Tangsi.

The color pink will be visible in the morning around 10:00 until late afternoon at around 16.00 pm. The sand looks pink due to a special mineral that comes from shellfish - borne kereang seawater. Been to Pink Beach is not complete without a visit to several beaches and dyke - a small dyke around it. Citilinkers Pink can walk around the beach area by renting a boat for around Rp 350,000; Cross about 15 minutes, then we can enjoy a bowl Beach, a beach located on the hill behind the rocks. This beach is perfect for sunbathing and swimming - swimming like a private beach. Not far from the beach bowl seemed an island or Gili, Gili Petelu which is the best place for snorkeling. Coral reefs are still healthy and awake look, shipowners also provide snorkeling equipment (lease) if we do not bring it. Do not forget to bring bread to be given to fish - fish that have been assembled can not wait to get the part.

Not far away from there Petelu Gili Beach Sebui or so-called Pink Beach 2, the place is quite secluded and quiet. This beach also we can make as if - if the beach is ours.


Some tourist spot on the island of Lombok was impressed still "virgin" of the visit of tourists. One is the Marangkik Island, a small island located in East Lombok. For photography fans, the atmosphere of the coast could be an interesting angle. Marangkik island residents that the majority of fishermen from Sasak and Bajo offers a delicacy and freshness of marine catches are directly cooked on the spot. The island is rekomaendasi for the love of writing and documentation (photos and video).


Sembalun as the first community in Lombok berasl of said Sembah, meaningful worship, surrendered or obey. While Ulun, significantly above the head or leader. Broadly speaking, human beings are obliged Senbalun meaningful worship to the Creator and Sustainer of. Indigenous Sembalun teach people to love. The trip to the village Sembalun take quite long, 3 hours drive from the city of Mataram, or about 95 kilometers

Sembalun Lawang

Is one of the oldest traditional Sasak village surrounded by Pergasingan Bukit, Bukit Anak Dara, Gunung Selong, Mountain Lake and Mount Rinjani. They still have a traditional house complex which is now a passive site that is not functioning as originally. Still preserved as a reminder of the ancestors, while they build a house - a new type of houses around the village. The livelihoods of many villagers is farming with growing rice, chili, potato dangwang famous putihtang good quality. As I walked into the village, we will pass through the bamboo forest planted by each ancestry who live there. "Why should Bamboo is also associated with the history of Indonesia that could be independent because it uses bamboo spears," said Hamid, a resident Sembalun Lawang assigned stiiap inform newcomers.

Sembalun Beleq

Mardesah Pe, chairman of Indigenous Village Sembalun tells that the villagers Sembalun call Mount Rinjani as Mount Beleq. It could be because there is a link with the ancestors of Sasak tribe called Lebe Beleq and Rice Beleq first occupied this area. In the village there are Sembalun Beleq custom homes Sasak tribe that around sydah a residential area with modern architecture tends. This house still serves as a place to stay with a bed, a dagger and spear ancestral and furnaces / stoves from clay remaining embers. In the back of the compound, there are piles of stones surrounded by a green fence surrounding growing trees - big trees. This place used to serve as a "Maqom Berugak Reban Bande". Maqom: Sunan Kalidjaga nerkumpul place as one Walisongo, berugak: house shaped like huts and reban bande: place to block water that functions like a small dam.

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