Charm of the beauty of the white sand beach of Kuta Bali

Stone Umbrella

A large rock that is physically not entirely like an umbrella in the region Lombok Tengah.Ini merepukan one of the attractions of the usual beach reached by landline or laut.Jika take the land, from the beaches of Tanjung Aan can along the coast and over hills for less one hour perjalanan.Atur sea by renting boats of local fishermen and pay approximately 200.000 (depending on bargaining skills) for 15-30 minutes journey by sea bordering the Indian Ocean and the waves are high enough.

Village People Sade

One of the traditional village in Lombok which still retains its traditional architecture made of wood with bamboo and roofed booths in the district jerami.Letaknya Pujut, Central Lombok usual takes about 30 kilometers from the city of Mataram with few signposts and a big name as a marker board desa.Akses enter the territory towards the village partly dirt road, some of them already in trim with cement or tile to connect the house with the lain.Sektor agriculture became the main livelihood of the villagers of Sade which is also reflected in the granary at rumahnya.Sedangkan women generally at home while weaving and marketed in ART SHOP or at home sendiri.Meski fairly close to the main road, but the village of Sade could give comfort dank e peace itself.

Kuta beach

Kuta in Bali is already overcrowded by tourists, tourism businesses and facilities in Lombok pendukungnya.Kuta could give new freshness to enjoy nature with a 7.2 kilometer white bersih.Masih coastline are less healthy reefs that can be enjoyed to indahanya while snorkeling.Di west coast of Kuta, there is a hill called Mandalika name of a daughter of old who jumped into the sea and this hill because pursued by the prince who wantid menikahinya.Dari city of Mataram, Lombok Kuta beach can be achieved around a 90 minute drive or approximately 72 kilometers to the southeast in the village of Kuta, District Pujut, Central Lombok.

Tanjung Alam

Still One gari at Kuta Beach in Central Lombok Tanjung Aan there are two characters who have white pasir.Pasir with measures such as peppercorns there next Timur.Sedangkan in the western part of the smaller characters and halus.Garis sand beaches stretching along 1 kilometer and tend to be lonely , as well as natural and not a lot of support facilities for wisata.Namun there is ample parking space, a bathroom and a well of fresh water for rinsing the body, musholla small, grilled fish traders, Lombok and cloth merchant by - by around the coast of Tanjung Aan. From this beach to the Stone Umbrella is also fairly close because it is located behind a hill east.

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