TRAVEL Diaries, Lombok Utara

Besides the view of Rinjani is very charming with well-known Lombok Island - a small island called Gili. Some Gili the tourist yujuan especially foreign tourists is Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. Third Gili is located adjacent and can be crossed premises n easily and quickly from the area of ​​Senggigi. Want to get a different atmosphere in Kombok? Consider the experience contributor Citilinkers Linkers and plan a trip soon!


For those who have never tried Citilinkers wisara around the island, perhaps many will think what can be done on the island if you do not dive or snorkel. Apparently, Gili Trawangan offers many activities as an alternative choice while still enjoying the beach atmosphere and refreshing sea breezes. Writer and producer widescreen Dian Lasvita recounts around Gili - this beautiful dyke.


Sweet & Spicy Cooking Class, tourists can learn the 7 kinds of typical Indonesian dishes such as chicken Taliwang, spiced fish in banana leaves, gado - gado, fried noodles, klepon, make the peanut sauce and make the yellow spice. Menu - This menu can be learned by paying Rp 290,000. In one emotion, there are 3 classes; 11:00, 16:00 and 20:00 pm. Each class lasts approximately 2 hours with a maximum of 8 participants.

Sweet & Spicy Cooking Class

Highway Trawangan

RSVP: Rahman 087865592721



Various water sports can be found in Gili Trawangan if you want to do other activities, apart from diving and snorkeling. Aqua Flight, flying above the water surface with water jet thrust is very strong. The game costs about US $ 75 or US $ 975,000 (exchange rate of Rp 13,000) duration of 15 minutes. Parasailing or flying with a parachute pulled by a fast boat, duration 15 minutes Rp 650,000 for a session at 8:00 to 11:00 pm and Rp 750,000 for a session at 1:00 p.m. to 16:30 pm. Wake boarding a duration of 30 minutes will be charged Rp 750,000. Parasailing is operated by Fly Gili while Aqua Flight by South Sea Nomands. For reservations please call Ivan, 082359020109


For Yoga enthusiast, there are several yoga classes that can be followed during a vacation in Gili Trawangan. In order for the body to stay healthy and fit during the holidays, citilinkers can stay and do some yoga programs. There will be a discount for those who take the full package


Tel (0370) 6140503


Soraya Yoga

Hp 081916450490



Want to see the beauty beneath the sea but could not swim and was afraid to dive? Marine Walk may be the answer. We will see the beauty beneath the sea and nermain - playing with fish without a license to dive. Using a helmet like an astronaut space while walking - street on the ocean floor would provide a different experience.

When doing Marine Walk depth that allowed only about 5 meters. We will be guided by professional divers. Marine Walk can be enjoyed by the whole family and even children - children with a minimum age of 8 years. Price Rp 650,000 per person, we could play - play with the fish - fish in the sea floor, for approximately 20 minutes.

Marine Walk

RSVP: Kurniawan

Tel: 083114634346


Gili Trawangan introduced policies without motor vehicles throughout the island. Cidomo (wagon horses) one - the only transport allowed on Gili besides bicycle. Almost everywhere Citilinkers can find bike rental price and time are flexible enough. Bike rental prices will be more expensive if we rented in long duration. Suppose saewa one hour Rp 25,000 but if we hired in a full day then it will only be charged Rp 100,000.


Want to sunbathe and play -main water at the beach but still chick and stylish? Lounge on the beach may be an option such as Perl Beach Lounge. Lounge open to the public. Only by paying Rp 100,000 per person anyone could menikmatio facilities such as the lounge chairs for sunbathing and beach towels. The payment will be exchanged into vouchers to buy food that is served straight from their kitchen. Even on the moon - moon deserted of tourists, we can enjoy the swimming pool located in the hotel area.

Pearl Beach Lounge

What are you waiting for! Immediately crossing to Gili Trawangan and a visit to Gili Air and Gili Meno. Congratulations traveled the island!


It was still gelao and the air still feels cold when some villagers Sembalun yanh day - day as a porter beerja area of ​​Mount Rinjani arrange luggage climbers Rinjani. Dodi Sandradi, travel photographer and also the owner of Sheen Indonesia Trip These are well-known among photographers, recounted his experience climbing Mount Rinjani to the linkers.

As the sun began to muncuk, we and the porters were ready with luggage began to move towards the starting point of the ascent to Mount Rinjani. Driving a car with a pickup, we arrived at the end of the road drivable vehicle. The journey continues on foot from the village Sembalun, one of the entrances are often used by climbers to the summit of Rinjani. This is where the adventure begins ...

Overlays Samanas with the background of Mount Rinjani is no sight. There are 3 posts that must pass before arriving at the foot of Mount Rinjani. The time required to pass through some of the post to arrive at the foot of the mountain is approximately 5-7 hours depending on the physical or the speed we walk. Although more and more sunshine during the sting, but the views of the beautiful hills has always been a passion for our stride.

Mount Rinjani is the highest volcano in Indonesia with an altitude of 3,726 above sea level. Elegance and exoticism of the National Park is legendary and well-known to foreign countries. Not a few of us have encountered the foreign climbers during the trip. Ynag most attractive in the Mount Rinjani and became an icon of this place is the New Mount. Mount a subsidiary located in Mount Rinjani caldera or crater Rinjani. Which resembles a caldera lake is called Lake Segara Anak.

Although beautiful and elegant, Mount Rinjani is not the usual tourist attractions. By the time we climbed the mountain, at a certain height, the necessary preparation in order to achieve it. The most important physical preparation in addition to other things. Walk uphill and downhill for hours - hours with a high degree of steepness requires a fit condition. Often tourists who considered "trivial" This climb should go home because he could not continue. Mount Rinjani is not the usual tourist attractions like Mount Bromo which everyone can visit it because it can be reached by jeep and continued to walk only a few minutes.

Climbing towards the ridge known as Pelewangan Sembalun is the most severe. Regret over hills are steep and kortur soft soil requires that we take into account every step. Here the role of porter meant that helps relieve bebean bringing goods - goods.

Around 4 pm, the group arrived at the Post Pelawangan Sembalun. Tired and all the pain in the legs paid off with the beauty on display in front of the eye. Clouds are already aligned with the earth, Rinjani right - truly amazing! From Plawangan views of Lake Segara Anak Gunung Baru and especially much more beautiful. No one if many people say that Mount Rinjani is Indonesia's most beautiful mountain.

In this Sembalun Pelewangan we helped put up tents for the night porter. The porter is also a simple set up tents where they rest and cook for us. At night, the stars scattered in the sky like a painting. We enjoyed dinner ternikmat accompanied by a star in the sky.

The morning after breakfast, we move down to the bottom of the lake Segara Anak munuju, Caldera premises a line of about 6 km, Rinjani caldera formed by the eruption thousands of years ago. In the middle of the lake there is a new mountain is still active. People - people call the mountain village New

The trip down was not as easy as expected. In addition to the steep, rocky soil Kuntur make we must always be vigilant and careful - careful. After a 6 hour drive, we arrived at the edge of the lake. Incredible views presented here. Lake water Tosca green and blue surround the mountain gracefully New. Sometimes thin fog blanketed most of the way up, looked like a painting.

The next day we were preparing to go through the village Senaru. The return journey is said to be harder because we will climb the mountain and then descend back lip. Information from several friends who've been to Rinjani, Senaru this return trip to the best pemandanan Mount Rinjani. It turns out this information is true, correct return journey - completely draining. But the view presented by the Rinjani can forget all the fatigue. From any side of Mount Rinjani still beautiful charming.

Step by step we finally arrived at the Post Pelawangan Senaru. This is where the last point we see the beauty of Rinjani and after that we had to move 5 hours fell back to the Post Senaru. Every now and then I looked back and saw the sturdy and graceful Rinjani, he determined to return again meet with Rinjani!

VILLAGE Segenter

Lombok's oldest traditional village inhabited by indigenous Sasak tribe. Villagers residing in Bayan district, North Lombok district has a subsistence farming and farming is still implementing and maintaining old customs. What is unique from traditional village I have a very distinctive and still maintained to this day. Village typical building which later became the attractiveness of foreign and domestic tourism.

Entering the Traditional Village Segenter, we will see a row of houses neat. Traditional Village is only one door for entry and exit around the region were given a brick fence. Each of the two houses there is a hall opposite the reception area (berugak). Tradisionanl homes Sasak tribe is generally rectangular with a size of about 6 mx 7 m made of bamboo. The walls are made of woven with a pyramid-shaped roof with a thatch roof.

Sasak tribe in house building, the room is divided into a kitchen, bedrooms and a special room or called inan Belek. The room was built with wooden floors rather high. Typically, this room is used specifically for newlyweds, until the third day, after the wedding. If a house does not have a barn, inan belek also can be used instead.

Another unique thing, is Lantan houses are still made of clay. To strengthen and beautify the floor of this house, locals will polish the floor with cow dung in a certain time. This is done in order to make the floor of his house remain durable and slick. If Citilinkers want to try the experience of polishing the floor, we can try while visiting there. Interested?

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