Flanked by living coral reefs and charming, Pulau Weh untouched despite its small size and convenient access. This island is a park that is often forgotten. The location is in the westernmost island of the Indonesian archipelago. Located at the entrance of the Malacca Strait, the island is generally a sea passage and a jewel for many yachts and cruise ships to visit and enjoy the scenery.

Diving in Weh Island is a fun recreational activity. Experienced divers and dive instructors are ready to offer a variety of dive sites such as Sea Island Park Rubiah. You will find many delightful sea animals, especially manta rays, sharks, whales, dolphins and turtles.

Come and enjoy a swing bed nets were tied in second palm tree on an island that many divers call it an underwater universe unmatched. Although it is a small island, but it will give your nautical experience and a waterfall in the woods. A gate that you'll remember as an Eden.

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You can have seafood in restaurants throughout the island. Try to visit Bungong Sakura in Ujong Kareung, Mama Jungle, Dang Dang Na, Naguna, and Café Coco in Gapang, or Olala, 7 Bungalows, and Chill Out in Iboih.

Souvenirs from coconut wood as souvenirs that will delight your loved ones or maybe you want to keep as a memento of the traditional kenangan.Pasar offer tropical fruits fresh, side dishes and traditional snacks. Dodo (sweets made from a particular flour, sugar, palm sugar and sometimes fruit), crisps, cakes and bread (typical of this island) can be found here. This is the place to mingle with the locals. Most of the food here is organic. Came in the morning when the bustling market of buyers.

You'll have fun on this island, no matter what your budget. Various accommodations are available and you just choose. Try wooden hut if you want to experience the simple life may bungalow expensive is your choice for a more comfortable environment.

Iboih is a beach famous among backpackers, world travelers, and divers. Iboih coast presents a simple life with the horizon fishing village. Try to live like them and use the facilities they use. Or you want to open a new business such as a bungalow or a dive center. The cafe in the open interest. Everything that is here affordable.

Several inns along this coast is O'ong Guesthouse, Yulia Guesthouse, Erick Guesthouse, Job Guesthouse, Anna Bungalow, Fina Bungalow, Bungalow Fatimah, and Mamamia Bungalow.Resor Gapang Beach around Rubiah Marine Park. The beach is not familiar to divers. Among the accommodations available are: Gapang Jaya and Ramadila.

Diving is definitely one of the best known events on the island. Many divers reliable and diving instructors who will gladly escort you to explore the underwater world in Pulau Weh. Strong waves here so it would be quite fun surfing. Be careful and always accompanied by the trainer diving if you are a beginner. You can see how the island is separated from the island of Sumatra, a few million years lalu.Sabang is the capital of the island of Weh. Why not explore the town as well? You might want to take a picture of a sign bearing the words "Indonesia Nol Kilometer". Ocean front resort is also interesting if you want to see the diverse marine life ragam.Untuk shopping enthusiasts, try visiting traditional markets to get tropical fruits fresh and foods ringan.Banyak other interesting things that you can enjoy including waterfalls, volcanoes , hot water, the Japanese bunkers from World War II, a historic graveyard, Durian Sacred (sacred Durian), and the town of Sabang.