Travel guide in Aceh

Aceh is one of the areas in the archipelago that Islam is characterized by multi-ethnic society. In this area there are eight sub-ethnic namely Aceh, Alas, Aneuk jame, Gayo, Kluet, Simeulu, Singkil, and Tamiang. The eighth sub ethnic origin has a history and culture that is very different between the sub-ethnic with other ethnic sub thus enriching the cultural diversity in Aceh. Aceh residents often mentioned are the descendants of various people, and nation. As well as ACEH word often associated with the extension of the Arabic, Chinese, European, Indian where it is physically demonstrate the characteristics of Arab, Indian, European and Chinese.

Aceh is a special area in Indonesia which is located at the northern tip of Sumatra Island. Aceh is the full name of Aceh. The province has a total area of ​​57365.57 km2 (2.88% of Indonesia) in position 2 6 North latitude and 95 98 east longitude with the highest peak at 4446 m above sea level. The northern border with the Andaman Sea, the east by the Strait of Malacca, the South with the North Sumatra province, to the west by the Indian Ocean. Covers: 119 Island, 35 mountains, 73 rivers, 21 districts, 228 districts, 111 villages and 5947 villages.

Aceh has an important natural resource that is oil and gas. It is estimated that gas reserves in Aceh is the largest in the world. For most people of Indonesia, Aceh considered a conservative region of the Islamic religion.

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Banda Aceh just 45 minutes from Medan by plane. If you go from Jakarta journey is only about 2.5 hours from Soekarno International Hatta.Bandara local can be reached about 30 minutes by car. Surfers from around the world often come to Lhok Nga during the winter in the country. Weather after 10:00 am pretty hot but rarely above 30ÂșC.
Banda Aceh is the largest city owned apart from Sabang, Lhokseumawe and Langsa. Forest area consists of Permanent Forests (3.282 million ha), Production Forest (188,000 ha), as well as Protected Forest (26440.81). Flora and Fauna of the identity of such areas, Flora: Bungong JEUMPA (Michelia champaca), Fauna: Yellow Cicimpala (Copsychus Pyrropygus).
Banda Aceh was established 22 April 1205 by Sultan Alaidin Johansyah. Banda Aceh is one of the oldest Islamic cities in Southeast Asia. It has been known since the 17th century as a metropolitan city, a city of trade (economic), science center, the center of political activity, the center of Islamic education, Islamic cultural center in Southeast Asia. Banda Aceh city called Kutaraja. December 26, 2004, the city lantah crushed by the tsunami that destroyed about 60% of existing buildings in the city. Banda Aceh is also called into Aceh which has 9 districts, namely: Baiturahman, Kuta Alam, Meuraxa, GITEC Lueng Bata, Ulee Kareng, Banda Raya, Jaya Baru, Kutaraja.

Aceh has carved his past with so magnificent and amazing, especially because of its ability to develop a pattern and a system of military education, commitment in opposing imperialism, the government system of regular and systematic, realize centers of study of science, to the ability to establish diplomatic relations with the state other.
The Acehnese were first estimated in from Peninsular Malaysia, Cham, Cochim China and Cambodia. European descent who are Muslims are descendants of Portuguese can be found in Aceh Jaya. Alas tribes in Southeast Aceh. Tamiang tribe in Aceh Tamiang. Gayo tribe in Central Aceh, mostly in East Aceh, the central highlands and Gayo Lues. Jamee Aneuk tribe in South Aceh and Aceh Barat Daya and Kluet in South Aceh and Simeulue Island Simeulu.
At the beginning of the 17th century most of the Sultanate of Aceh is rich, powerful and is a fertile region in the waterway. Aceh has a history in terms of political independence and resistance to outside parties, including the Netherlands and the Indonesian government.
In northwestern Sumatra, Aceh remains easy to relate to the outside world since the 6th century AD The historical record of China at the time said there was a kingdom on the northern tip of Sumatra island named Po-Li. At the beginning of the 9th century, some Arabic writings and inscriptions found in India mention of Aceh. In 1292, Marco Polo in his voyage from China to Persia visited Sumatra, reported that in the northern part of Sumatra there were six trading gate including Perlak, ocean and Lambri. Very ironic that these areas are now less well known in Indonesia.
Islam dikenaldi Aceh between the 7th century and 8th M and the first Islamic empire that Perlak was founded in 804 AD Then followed by Pasai Ocean in 1042, Tamiah 1184, Aceh Darussalam in 1205 and 1511. In 1511 the Portuguese catch traders and merchants of Malacca, Asia and Arabic so that they can not enter the waterway, making it the rich and prosperous Aceh. Aceh dominate trade and politics in the northern part of Sumatra and began to reach its peak between 1610 and 1640.
Aceh slowly began to collapse after the death of Sultan Iskandar Thani 1641. Britain and the Netherlands began to compete for control of Aceh. In 1824 the London Agreement was signed stating that Britain gives full control over Aceh to the Dutch government as a token of gratitude for the Dutch handed over his position in India and remove all claims in Singapore. Dutch attempt to conquer Aceh quite hard and heavy. Aceh intermittent war from 1873 to 1904 was an attempt Dutch mastery of the longest ever conducted and casualties from the Netherlands more than 10,000 people. This long war has left deep mental scars for the people of Aceh.
When the era of industrialization arrived, Aceh started to be more open to new things. Nevertheless, tourists who come must know that the people of Aceh to run the activities of religious, social and moral behavior seriously.

You can be a culinary tour in Aceh because this area has a variety of types of food are typical. Among other things timphan, duck curry, delicious goat curry, curry pliek u and meuseukat rare. In addition, chips melinjo Pidie famous origin savory, dodol sabang made with various flavors, sticky durian (boh Drien ngon leukat bu), and sweet cakes Peukan origin Bada.

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Acehnese people known to be very religious, has a culture based on Islam. All people, whether born in or outside Aceh Aceh is Muslim. It is certain that no person who is not a Muslim Acehnese, although not all run with strict Shari'a.
Islam came to Aceh has been combined with the customary Aceh and Aceh has spawned a very distinctive identity so that we know the term "Aceh Veranda of Mecca". This occurs acculturation process of harmonization of the rise to power and attach a new identity in Aceh.
Cultural life (customs) Aceh with Islam can not be separated. The harmonization of customs and Islam is growing in many aspects of community life. The system of government in Aceh reflect these two elements. Single bi keuchik and teungku as the leader of the village community is a reflection of the harmonization. Issues of Islamic law in a society solved by consultation system and grow into customary in the resolution of conflicts in the village. Keuchik and Teungku are elder people in lacquer / village. They serve the community in all kinds of issues of dispute between citizens, even including criminal before it is forwarded to the court, settled first in the village (kampung). Similarly, the problem of domestic disputes. Dispute settlement is usually done in meunasah or village hall, through deliberation. If the peace efforts in the village failed, then forwarded to the court. Acehnese communities have a culture that promotes the settlement of any disputes through peace.
Acehnese respect for justice, both within the family, as well as upholding justice in settling disputes in court. Implementation of Islamic sharia in Aceh is the desire of the people of Aceh are conducted by strategic steps, namely: be gradual; not with violence; through increased awareness and intelligence; Indonesia in the context of national law; brings grace and enhancement of civilization; improving welfare and batiniyah lahiriyah; a shared responsibility of local governments and communities; applies only to the followers of Islam while non-Muslims can be subjecting yourself.

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