Alas River flows directly into the Indian Ocean, has a current outstanding rafting attract fans from all over the world. One advantage of the Alas River is surrounded by forests that are still beautiful in Gunung Leuser National Park.

Situated at 165 km southeast Takengon, Alas River flows divides the Gunung Leuser National Park. This area is very popular among the young and adventurous. Has a sharp bend and the current challenging for the complainants guts.

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During the voyage of the boat, you will pass through pristine tropical forest with diverse wildlife.

Lodging at the edge of the forest provides food service especially Nearby Ketambe. More ideal you buy food supplies from Kutacane.

Here there are many sellers of goods and food. More complete choice of course you need to go Kutacane.

The accommodation consists of wooden huts shaped stage, which can accommodate two people, a mosquito net for two people. Each cottage with a spacious room and balcony. Price range include:

• Accommodation: Rp70,000 / person / night • Dinner: Rp30,000 / person • Breakfast: Rp15,000 / orangAda clean water for bathing in the forest near the river, a shared bathroom and toilet. Electricity is not available because of the rain forest Kedah supports Eco-tourism, therefore they do not run generator.Namun if you are also interested in exploring Bukit Lawang, you can find another accommodation managed by local residents. Some of them are foreign visitors who decided to stay.

Here are the names of the inn you can visit:

1. Hotel BrundiheAlamat: Jl. Cut Nyak Dien No. 10Telp: (0629) 214442. Hotel Jambu AlasAlamat: Jl. Kuta Cane, Blang Kejeren Km.2Telp: (0629) 214303. Hotel Lawes MamasAlamat: Jl. Gen. Ahmad Yani 9 KutacaneTelp: (0629) 5227984. Pensions MaroonAlamat: Jl. Gen. Ahmad Yani No. 15-17 KutacaneTelp: (0629) 21078

Begin pengarungan of Muarasitulan City to City Kutacane waves adjacent to the Indian Ocean This route is fairly appropriate for you who are beginners. Meanwhile, Husus for professionals, you can conquer the Alas River flows could take a route further, ranging from close Angusan Blangkejeran. During the voyage, you are not only greeted by wild currents but also the beautiful scenery along the river is presented. If lucky, you can see monkeys, birds, and other animals on the river bank, may even meet an elephant or rusa.Anda can also start rafting at 9:00 a.m. to 15:30. During the activity, you will not only cross the river, but also a visit to the Gunung Leuser National Park.

Rafting and kayaking can be done in the Alas river from the village Angasan to the city under the waves, close to the Indian ocean. In the upper area of ​​the river Alas requires you to be more careful and nimble. These boats pass through unspoiled forest and you can see a lot of wildlife, especially monkeys and a variety of beautifully colored birds.

Kutacane to the current wave of water is not too strong and you can do a jungle safari. However, the beautiful scenery can also be enjoyed here. In the course of not more than one day, you can sleep in tents on the riverbank, while burning the fish and playing the guitar in the evenings.