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You try to come to Takengon and enjoy the Fresh Sea Lake. With 4 days in this area is a combination of a cycling tour, musing past, future, and present. Here you enjoy the beauty of the land above the clouds and culinary delights in coffee producing areas. The nature is very beautiful and different from the similar tourist attractions in Indonesia and elsewhere in the world.

When you browse the winding road beside the rift beautiful mountain Geureundong the way to Takengon, a small town with a population of no more than 230,000 in Central Aceh, your eyes will be entertained with visual landscape passing pine trees on your side, a series of tropical vegetation dotted with semi-permanent home, and the stunned faces of local children labi-labi type you pass them. Cold wind will sweep your face, when you pass through a layer of haze. Here, the average temperature is almost permanently around 20 degrees Celsius, or 68 degrees Fahrenheit comfortable. 100 kilometers from the western edge, the small town of Takengon wonderful welcome you.

Takengon is the capital of Central Aceh district. This area is a highland air is cool and has a variety of beautiful tourist attractions of which are Sea Freshwater Lake, Princess Pukes, and Pantan eggplant. Takengon located adjacent to the highlands district, and approximately 100 km from the town of Bireun.

Takegon is a city of Central Aceh district. Offers plenty of scarcity that you must see. The food is unique and this should be noted. Argowisata and activities around Lake Sea Fresh is an excuse to extend your visit. Not to mention the legend of a princess that turned into stone by an invisible guardian. It is far from nonsense when we mention Aceh is truly a spiritual gateway to Indonesia first.

Come and see keidahannya by yourself. After you tell the story from here would be too good to be true, and too precious to miss out. This is Aceh, which would make a beautiful beginning of your tour in the western islands of the archipelago.

The city is surrounded by mountains and located in the middle in the province of Aceh. Takengon is a tourist destination located in the central highlands. keindahaan nature as hidden because surrounded by mountains. Many visitors seemed to not want to go home again after visiting this beautiful region because the place is cool, comfortable, safe, and friendly people.