Travel guide to the island of Lombok

If we were on a business trip or vacation, of course, we want an effective and enjoyable visit. Choosing a place we wanted to visit of course, we must first understand the geographic location where we are. Lombok looks not so great but to visit so many tourist attractions in Lombok, we need a minimum of a week or more holiday. Here are tips for Citilinkers effective tourist who wants to visit the exotic island of Lombok.

Dusk in Senggigi

Lombok Island is divided into four districts, namely West Lombok, Central Lombok, and East Lomboki District, North Lombok and one municipality ie the City Provensi Mataram as the capital of West Nusa Tenggara.

Mataram municipality

For Citilinkers located in Lombok on a business trip, usually Mataram became the center for the activities of the business. Time owned Citilinkers certainly not so much. Culinary tourism is strongly recommended for a short time. Citilinkers culinary tour guides can see the culinary pages.

Linkers culinary journey this time guided by Chef Eko Susanto, cook settled in Lombok and has a special cooking school for dishes Lombok. So the recommendation to some culinary Lombok Linkers can be a reference for Citilinkers who enjoys the challenge of local kulinerkhas tour.

Some tourist attractions around Mataram was located very close together so Citilinkers can enjoy each - each with a quiet place without the tourist rush - rush.

 East Lombok

Travelers is a wise traveler can enjoy and remember every visit well. Traveled with rush - rush is not recommended because we are not able to learn to appreciate the beauty and history of the places we visit. Please read the article about Mataram and its surroundings are covered by our contributor, Anggara Mahendra and Reynaldi Ahmad.

West Lombok

West Lombok is an area most visited by tourists at home and abroad. Not too far from Mataram and can be reached by car, motorcycle or other public transport. Various kinds of crafts can be found in this West Lombok. Ranging from crafts such as carving - carving of bamboo, woven from rattan, blacksmith and pottery.

In West Lombok, there are tourist attraction famous Senggigi beach with white sand and beautiful beaches, then Sekotong beach, the beach is still quiet with soft white sand blinding and the clarity of the sea water and stunning natural. Tourism in Lombok more towards nature, history, or culture da. Tourist attraction realigi.

North Lombok

North Lombok is a new district in West Nusa Tenggara Provensi region, with its capital Tanjung divided into 5 districts; Bayan, Ganges, Heaven, winner, and the Cape.

North Lombok is very rich in natural potential that is very fascinating, because here there are some fairly well-known tourist destination and a lot of interest, such as an island or call Lombok Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan.

To waterfall Citililnkers should come and try out for the adventure open to nature fresh nan. Choice point for walking tour, Citilinkers can visit Sendang Gila and Tiu Kelep. Both waterfalls are located on the slopes of Mount Rinjani is quite friendly to nature lovers "newbie". Rung was prepared to walk up and down the slopes and woods toward the waterfall. Instructions to that location will be visible in each track. So Citilinkers not have to worry about getting lost later.

Central Lombok

Central Lombok region stretching from north to south etrsebut has the location and height which varies from zero altitude ranging up to 2000 meters above sea level. Central Lombok, Citilinkers can find Sade village, rural tourist destination because of a traditional Sasak houses that still adhere to the traditions and customs.

Traditional houses still use materials which are still very natural, like a roof of straw, bamboo walls, and the most interesting is the floor of clay mixed with cow dung or buffalo. Use of this material is believed to repel flies or mosquitoes.

Moreover this district has some crafts, such as cloth weaving is still done using traditional tools. For tourism is very popular in Central Lombok has a beach - beautiful beach with incredible color combination such as Kuta, Tanjung Aan and some point beach destination of surfers from different countries.

East Lombok

Although East Lomok facility still quiet and minimal, but it is unfortunate if Citilinkers to not have time to visit East Lombok, Dian Lasvita, scenario writer and producer for some flim Indonesia, Linkers contributor edition will write down his experiences visiting Lombok, East Lombok. Walupaun journey to Borneo still quite lush with forests and some of the road is still not good, the view at the end of the trip it is very comparable to the time taken 1.5 hours of Senggigi. Ditemanioleh Ingga Suwandana, a famous tourist guides of social networking media Instragram #explorelombok, Linkers can enjoy Lombok with new and different ways. Please refer to the article on East Lombok and holiday Citilinkers plan immediately.

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