5 Distro in Bandung For Sightseeing Shopping

Many distro the wide variety of tourist destinations, one of which is shopping. Many tourists make Bandung as a place to hunt a wide range of fashion products. This is certainly a clue why Bandung referred to as Paris Van Java which became a major center of fashion in Indonesia.

Over time, there are many options scattered distributions in Bandung. Here, some of the popular distro in Bandung. Here's more;

1. Screamous

One among the many popular distro is Screamous. Distributions are many foreign and local tourists visited these two stores. Both of these stores provide a wide range of quality products and trendy fasahion. The first store is located at Jl. Trunojoyo No. 23 Bandung 40115 Tel. (022) 426-51-33 and a second store is located at Jl. Sultan Agung No. 9 Bandung 40115 Phone (022) 426-81-16.

Product Screamous

Screamous sell a wide range of fashion products for men and women. These products include t-shirts, shirts, denim, pants, shorts, sweaters, jackets, hats, belts, sandals and more. Various circles often shop in this area, ranging from students, employees, up to the artists. In addition to providing quality products in a number of exclusive, Screamous still market their products with affordable prices.

2. Black Jack

Black Jack is one of the clothing line and distributor store that stood since 1999. Beginning his career, Black Jack entrust fashion products at several stores belonging to other distributions. It was only in 2002, Black Jack has his own shop store or shop.

Just as distributions in general, Black Jack produces a wide range of fashion products. Products Black Jack has a characteristic which is certainly very recognizable lovers products, namely the dominant colors red and black. There are many products available in this distribution, such as hats, jackets, shirts, T-shirts, wallets, and many more.

For those of you who want to visit one of the distro's, go to Jl. Trunojoyo No. 34 Bandung Tel (022) 707-41121.

3. UNKL347

UNKL347 is one distro to date much favored visitors in Bandung. Distributions are located on Jl. Trunojoyo No. 4 Bandung provides various kinds of fashion products, such as T-shirts, wallets, denim, shirts, hats, slippers, and more. In addition to shopping directly to storenya, visitors can also order products UNKL347 via twitter at @ UNKL347. Not only that, UNKL347 also serve you through the fuel in 5369c271, Line: unkl347online, and also Whatsapp at 0878-2345-3347.

4. Greenlight

One distro a tourist destination when in Bandung is Greenlight. Greenlight merupkana popular distro. Distributions are known as band vocalist homeland outfit (Ariel Noah) does have a lot of loyal customers. There are many fashion products available in this distribution, both for men and women. Some products are popular among them is denim, pants & penek, t-shirts, shirts, jackets, sweaters, hats, bags, belts, shoes, sandals, and many more.

For those of you who want to see and have the fashion products, you can come to Jl. Diponegoro No. 26 Citarum Bandung. Alternatively, you can also shop online through the official website at thisisgreenlight (dot) com.

5. Deadhearzt For Life

Deadhearzt For Life is one of the worldwide distribution in Bandung. There are many products sold in this distribution, everything is a lot to attract customers. Not only in Bandung, products from distribution Deadhearzt For Life is also venturing into the world market, such as America, Europe, Japan, Singapore and the surrounding countries. For those of you who want to visit and see the collection of this distribution, directly come to Jl.Bahureksa 1 Trunojoyo Bandung.

There are still a lot of distro, like Wadezig, Evil, LTP Project, House of Smith, and many more. May be useful.
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