Bandung Indah Plaza - Entertainment mengasyikan In Bandung

One of the most famous tourist attraction of shopping in the city of flowers is Bandung Indah Plaza which is better known as BIP. This modern-style shopping center is located at Jl. Merdeka No. 56. Since first established in 1990, BIP immediately became the main destination for residents of the city of flowers, especially young people who want to fill their time while shopping, sightseeing or just relaxing with friends.

Tenant On the Ground Floor and the First Floor
Until now BIP has undergone several repairs and renovations and expansion in the building. Moreover, management also suffered displacement hand. So the management system further add good and perfect. Even now BIP is integrated directly with the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Hyatt Regency Hotel

For tourists who stay at the hotel, do not bother to come to the BIP for live foot with a very close distance and it only takes a few minutes.

BIP or Bandung Indah Plaza consists of four floors. Floor which is located at the very bottom and Ground Floor is used by tenants or tenants who are mostly tenants culinary like D'Cost Seafood, Bakmi Naga Resto, Mc Donald's, Pizza Hutt, Starbucks and Rice Bowl Family Restaurant, Pizza Huts and so on ,

Ground Floor Bandung Indah Plaza

So after tired of sightseeing or shopping, visitors can eat or enjoy a variety of menu offerings cuisine in this place. In addition, there are also several other tenants for example, Optik Seis and Optik Melawai. The visitors who want to shop glasses can also walk around on this floor.

The next tenant was also very interesting to visit, among others Hypermart, Global Teleshop, Goldmart, OK Shop, The Body Shop, Fila, Giordano and others.

Hypermart in Bandung Indah Plaza

While the first floor, several large tenants who rented this place include the Matahari Department Store, Adidas, Sports Station, Zoya, Skater, The Athlete's foot, Adidas, Absolute Surf, Sports Station, Darlene's and much more. For those who want to shop sports equipment and other needs, especially shoes, the first floor is a must to visit.

Tenant On Floor Two and Three
Then to the second floor, by the manager of Bandung Indah Plaza floor is leased to tenants that sell a wide range of electronic goods and musical instruments. Some tenants include MG Sports & Music, Electronic Solution, Blitz Anime, Shark and Xtreme Store.

But apart from that there are departments that participated Store using this floor for example Matahari Department Store. For visitors who like the reading could also come to this floor and into Bookstore Mount Agung.

Bookstore Mount Agung in Bandung Indah Plaza
Bookstore Mount Agung in Bandung Indah Plaza | Photo: aansetia (dot) wordpress (dot) com
Last floor or the third floor is used as a center for culinary or snacks and entertainment. Those who love to watch the film could come to Empire 21. Once satisfied watching a movie playing in the theater, the event could be followed by a meal together.

To meet these needs in the floor is already available some culinary tenants who are always ready to serve visitors to fill his stomach rumbling. Some tenants who are on the floor, among others Doner Kebab, D'Cost Seafood, Justus Burger & Steak, Aussy Burger, Mister Baso, Texas Chicken and so on.

Food Court Bandung Indah Plaza

Also provided other means of entertainment, especially for visitors who have a hobby of singing a song that is Neo Family Karaoke. There are still many tenants of entertainment such as Timezone, Crazy Ball! and tenant interest.

One of the main advantages possessed by Bandung Indah Plaza or BIP is located in a very strategic place for easy access from any direction. Even tourists who do not use private vehicles still be able to visit this place taking public transportation.

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