Access and in the New Market Shopping Tips Bandung

One shopping center of the largest apparel and fashion products in West Java is Pasar Baru Bandung whose address is located at Jl. Otto Iskandardinata 70. This market is adjacent to the Grand Mosque and famous as the most inexpensive fashion shopping in the city of flowers.

In addition to buying at retail, tourists can also shop using wholesale systems. So go to this place could have two objectives at once, namely shopping and business. And more fun again is nowadays almost all sellers are able to serve a purchase with a credit card either Visa or master card.

Shopping in New Market

Every day the clothing market is always crowded with visitors and travelers. Especially when the holidays came and the days before the celebration of Eid and new year. All floors are full of people who want to shop for clothes. They do not just come from Bandung and its surroundings, but also from other areas across the country. They no shopping to be sold again, but some are used as souvenirs or gifts.

Access to New Markets
Since it is located very strategically located in the downtown, is not a difficult thing to find access go to Pasar Baru Bandung are very famous. For tourists and visitors who use public transportation, from the bus terminal in Leuwipanjang can ride the city transportation department Kebon Kelapa but down next to ITC.

Access Into New Markets

After it is connected with other transport departments Sukajadi blue. From this it can ask the driver to get off at the factory freight Aroma coffee. The journey can be continued by walking past the small road direction go directly to the New Market. If confused, could ask the people around passing on the road.

Apart from the New Markets bus terminal can also be reached easily from the train station. From the main door of the station, tourists can ride a green city transportation department Gede Bage and St. It and fell straight right in front of the market.

Shopping in New Market Bandung

Then, if the direction of the airport Husein Sastranegara, should walk first and then ride public transportation with the same department. If you do not like walking can take a taxi. Do not be afraid, fairly cheap cab fare. When in doubt can ask first charge the driver. And keep in mind also that rates are used usually do not use the meter and negotiable.

Tips on shopping in New Market
In order to obtain a cheaper price again at Pasar Baru Bandung there are some tips and tricks to be performed. Because even though there are some merchandise or branded clothes, but still can be offered at a cheaper price. If less good at bargaining, you should bring a friend or come in groups. So traders will be glad to love more attractive price without negotiable.

Tips Shopping in New Market

Goods sold in New Market, in various qualities and some have been exported to foreign countries because it has a very good quality. Because it must be able to distinguish between the quality of the clothes with one another despite having the same design and size, especially of the type of fabric used to make it.

Then to make it more comfortable transacting and shopping at New Market Bandung should be cultivated come early when the market opened at eight. If you can not come in the morning, better choose the afternoon. Because if shopping in the afternoon it was very crowded so the seller can not serve to the maximum.
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