7 Local Destinations For Single Traveling

Not a few people who want to celebrate the New Year by going alone to a place to reflect on last year's achievement or make plans for the future. If you are one of them, then one of the following 7 local destinations will be very suitable for you go.

1. Sabang, Aceh

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Sabang is the most western area of ​​Indonesia not only has a beautiful nature, but also an area that is relatively quiet, especially during the New Year. Kilometer Zero Monument visits to Indonesia, which became the starting point of measurement Indonesian length from west to east, can you make as a symbol reminder of planning your life in the early years to come.

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2. Peucang, Banten

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Located in the area of ​​Ujung Kulon National Park, Peucang can be reached about 4 hours sea trip with a traditional boat from Pier Well, Pandeglang. In addition to a relatively quiet place, lack of internet and poor signal telephone networks and SMS can make you run more wisdom contemplation. You will not be bothered by the hubbub of the virtual world. You will quickly get used to living without technology here because of its natural beauty will successfully help you be more relaxed.

3. Gili labak, East Java

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Located about 2 hours of crossing from the Port of Tanjung Kalianget or dock, Sumenep, Madura, Gili labak is the right place for those who wish to contemplate camping on the beach and open to the stars in the sky. Beach and sunset, as well as its beautiful sunrise was ready to accompany you over there.

4. Donggala, Central Sulawesi

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Donggala name is very popular among foreign tourists, especially lovers of sport diving. Located just 5 meters from the seaside, especially Tanjung Karang Beach, you will be able to see the coral and colorful fish. Additionally, Donggala an old town away from the hubbub of the city of Palu sunk even just 1 hour drive away.

5. Olele, Gorontalo

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Located about 1 hour overland journey from the center of the city of Gorontalo, Marine Tourism Park Olele located in the district of Bone Bolango is the right place for those who missed the beautiful underwater world. There is no accommodation at this place, you can homestay rate Rp 200,000.00 per night. This price includes food 3 times and a chance for you to be able to chat with the locals very friendly.

6. Riung 17 Island, NTT

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In contrast to the Komodo National Park will be very busy during the New Year, a place that has a full name Riung Marine Park of 17 tend deserted island, perhaps because it was quite remote, about 6 hours by road from downtown Ende. In addition to snorkeling or diving, you can also island hopping or climbing small hills that exist in almost every island.

7. Ambon, Maluku

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Maluku is not only famous by Ora Beach. By traveling about 1 hour from the downtown Ambon, you can reach the island or Nusa Pombo who is not less beautiful. Initergolong usually a very quiet, except on Sundays. In addition, you can visit the Monument Martha Christina Tiahahu located on the hill, while enjoying a panoramic view of a beautiful sunset in the city of Ambon.

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