History Distro and Clothing in Bandung

Mentions the word "Bandung", which comes to mind is the paradise of young people and clothing distribution. A mind that is difficult to deny, given the number of distributions and clothing in Bandung mushrooming number. However, do you know how the history of distributions and clothing in Bandung can develop very rapidly compared to other cities? If you claim to be buff clothes distribution, you must know the origin of the distribution itself.

Prior to review the history of clothing distributions and further, we should know what the difference between distributions and the actual clothing. During this time, many misguided between distributions and clothing. Intention heart wants to look hip, misspoke can actually make you look squirt.

Clothing in Bandung

Distribution would not exist without clothing. Clothing itself is mention of an Integration that produce apparel with his own label. Clothing can also be developed to create products supporting young style, for example, watches, sunglasses, belts, wallets, and so on with the same label.

All clothing must be produced to the hands of consumers. How to? Here, the role played distributions. Distro is singakatan of distribution store. From the stands it was clear that the distro is the dealer. The distributed is all kinds of clothing output.

Clothing product in Bandung

History distributions and clothing in Bandung stems from the creativity of young people in the mid 90s. A music studio "Reverse" located in Jalan Sukasenang is a pioneer laihirnya clothing and distro itself. Although the title is a music studio, but Reverse also sell trinkets imported, such as posters, artwork, cap, and so on.

Its business is growing rapidly thanks to the enthusiasm of young people is so great. However, in 1998, the business of importing trinkets Reverse encounter serious obstacles. The monetary crisis that occurs when it is not possible to present Reverse imported goods it again as the dollar soared.

Clothing Airplane Bandung

Departing from these difficult conditions, the founder of Reverse: Helvi, Marin, and Dxxxt made a big breakthrough. Together they founded their own clothing, named Airplane. Airplane produce trinkets young people as ever Reverse imported from abroad.

Only this time locally. Nevertheless Airplane enthusiasts continues to grow. This business ladies increasingly skyrocketed and become a mirror for servant-other young people. Seeing the success of Airplane, young people are interested to make the same business. Until finally born the variety name clothing and distro in Bandung.

Ditro history and Clothing in Bandung

Similarly, a brief review of the history of distributions and clothing in the city of Bandung. After understand it well, you're not just style, but also insightful course.

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