Best BIP mosque could become "whip" for Mal Others

What do we think of when visiting shopping centers? Call it with a shopping atmosphere, the quality of its products, where to eat, security, to the most important means of worship. Yes, places of worship is important because the majority of Indonesia's population is Muslim. For that, they need the best mosque in the shopping place.

But it's ironic indeed if they see that happening in reality. Bandung is lined with major malls and nice, but very few that have decent mosque.

Just imagine, prayer-the prayer house made much of the rest room or room pickup. Of more concern is the room that is not neglected, ranging from aroma to the means, such as carpet. But not so with the mall Bandung Indah Plaza (BIP).

Mall first opened in August 1990 here is getting to be more robust. More and more large tenants who joined a relatively old mall in Bandung. Not only that, BIP also has the best mosque in the other malls in Bandung. It is a response to consumers who complained about the management of the mosque BIP earlier.

Now, praying BIP holds the title as the best mosque in the mall. Predicates can be seen from the location on the top floor, not in the basement again. In addition, the rooms are large and comfortable become a mainstay of this mosque. Not only that, regular air circulation that will make us worship overheating. And the main thing is the spatial separation between men and women.

See the progress of the BIP mosque, it seems this is a step forward to a mall. How not, when many malls have a mosque with a very unfit, BIP is present to provide comfort.

Outbound trip Indonesia

By doing so, consumers are now Muslims and tourists from out of town even though there was no need to worry worship at the mall located in Jalan Merdeka. Everything has been spoiled by the facility should be.

Indeed the presence of the best mosque in the BIP could encourage other malls to come clean. However people who shop there is a Muslim majority. Hopefully expectations Bandung residents and tourists who vacation in Bandung can be given comfort in worship, especially to get the best mosque.