Attractions: Shopping in Central Bandung Dago

Dago area is one of the many attractions of shopping Bandung. As known, the main priority in the area shopping dago is Factory outlete (FO) and distributions. These two sites will be easily found if you search dago intersection towards Jalan Merdeka or downwards.

As a tourist attraction shopping Bandung, Dago Factory Oulete in the region would have to have certain conditions. One of the conditions is to accommodate the tourist satisfaction. While tourist satisfaction can be obtained in various ways, such as impressions gained during a trip, the facilities at tourist attractions, convenience or recreation value of what can be gained at the venue.

Impressions at the top looks like it is shared by almost all the Factory outlete or distribution in Dago area. The most obvious impression that can be obtained is visitors can see and get the latest models and products with quality, although the price may no longer be the main issue. Which later formed the impression tersebutlah visitor satisfaction while shopping in Bandung.

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Then what kind or any attractions of shopping in the area of ​​Dago? Here are some places that can be visited:

1. Blossom Factory outlete, known for a complete product, so visitors have the opportunity to choose the products he likes. Blossom was renowned as a pioneer in the area of ​​Dago Factory Outlete.

2. Grande Factory Outlete, diverse fashion can be found in this place, including religious Muslim clothing including equipment such as koko or mukena embroidery.

3. Rich and Famous with products that are tailored to its name. All products offered in this place does have a high quality and able to give the impression of rich and famous for his customers. Therefore, natural that the place is much frequented by the middle class and above.

4. Dago Stock exports with export quality products.

5. Uptown Factory outete in Jalan Dago No. 84. The place is not as big as Factory Outlete, but the convenience of shopping to be had with the arrangement of clothes that look presentable.

6. Jetset Factory Outlete, this place is the best place to look for children's clothing. Fashion child with a cute design and mearik be had at this place with a very affordable price.

In addition to the above, of course, there are many more other places that can be visited as a tourist attraction in the region Dago Bandung shopping.