Want to Know the City Bandung Tourism Map Shopping?

Map Bandung shopping this time will focus on tourist maps of shopping in Bandung City. A reason for this is that the high interest in Bandung shopping area of ​​Bandung city than others.

Bandung travel maps in this discussion, will be made by region. That is to be determined based on the location of the shopping area, not the name of the place. What kind of shopping in Bandung area, here is the picture.

1. Regions Square became the first area because it is in the heart. In this area, visitors can do shopping for a wide variety of products, ranging from fashion, shoes, CD, DVD or MP3 up souvenirs. Square area in the shopping area including the widest and largest in the city.

There are many shops and department stores can be visited to meet the shopping desires. Stores and shops can be found after lapanganalun square to the ITC Kebon Kalapa. However, if you use the vehicle, ITC Kebon Kalapa, would be the starting point of shopping locations in the region.

2. New Market area located along Jalan Oto Iskandar Dinata. In this region, visitors can get a variety of cheap fashion that can be bought retail or grossiran. In addition to fashion, material or fabric became the flagship product of this region. Various types of fabric can be obtained very easily.

3. The ABC region is famous for its electronic goods. Therefore, the area is included in Bandung shopping tour map that should not be missed.

4. Cibadak area famous as a shopping center in Bandung grossiran goods. At this location, visitors can find ATK (Stationery) at competitive rates. In addition, this area also provides a variety of household purposes, hadycraft equipment, children's toys to the hawker center in the category of snacks (snacks).

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5. Apo Kalipah area known as the center of the household appliances.

6. Regions Tegal Lega famous overhang market that sells a variety of products, ranging from fashion, handyman tools or manual or machine repair shop, flea market in Astana Anyar, until the fish market.

7. The travel search through over the region would end up in the Cibaduyut Bandung.

8. Regions Dago and Riau, famous Factory outlete and distronya. From this area, visitors can go Cihampelas jeans as the largest shopping area in West Java.

In addition to the above shopping area, in fact there are many more other areas that could be included in the map of Bandung City shopping.