In Bandung Perfume, Perfume Shop's So Hurry Tourism

Every corner of the city of Bandung taste has always been hunted by tourists. Not only in urban areas, also with edges that even quite far. However, a strategic location continues to be hunted for a vacation. In Bandung still has a million destination location, one of them with a place that sells perfume refill. The perfume shop has been widely heard up out of the city. His name is In Perfumes.

Yes, indeed perfume nowadays is a true friend to many people, especially for those who live in big cities. With a variety of types available on the market, the perfume is often used and even become collectibles. Perfume is also used to make us look confident and excited.

It's just that sometimes the price of the original perfume which is quite expensive. But we as a society do not have to worry about buying a perfume because of the exorbitant price. In In perfume, fragrances can be purchased at a very affordable price, but the quality is not much different.

Refillable perfume is often a viable alternative for many people to use it. Even in the perfume shop, there are many sizes can be adjusted. The sizes ranging from the smallest costing no more than US $ 15,000, to the greatest worth USD 60,000.

Stores that claimed not to have this branch provides a vast variety of perfumes. Call it with the Boss, Bvlgari, Jessica Parker, David Beckham, Calvin Clain, DKNY, and many more. Not only that, the color of the perfume can also be varied, as with black, red, blue, and green so it looks attractive. Therefore, do not be surprised if the tourists, especially from Jakarta, many who come there.

For which have remained empty bottles also can be used and the price is adjusted again later. Meanwhile, if you buy a bottle from there it will cost USD 5,000.

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But there are tips for those who want to buy in the store. Should have a mentally strong enough because it will not only be a long queue, but also often are not given a smile by his servant. It may also be because they are too busy serving so forget about such an attitude. However, despite that never deter many buyers come to In Perfume.

In Perfumes are on the way KH. Ahmad Dahlan (Bull Street) No. 75, which is close to the Muhammadiyah Hospital and Stone Fruit Street. For the location of the perfume shop is not difficult because it is located in a downtown street. Happy shopping!