Getting more personal place in Bandung Shopping

Shopping attractions in Bandung can be regarded as a tourist wealth that will not be exhausted to talk. The reason is not only related to the number of tourist sites in the Flower City's shopping, but the type or range of products that can be enjoyed during shopping trips.

Even though many categories of products offered in the context of shopping, the interest and the interest of tourists would still lead to a fashion product. Then, like anything and anywhere in Bandung shopping attractions that can be visited? Here is his review.

1. New Market area, said area due to be discussed this time is not only related to new markets, but other shopping areas are scattered around Pasar Baru Bandung. In this area, the fabric can be regarded as the mainstay of shopping.

The type of fabric to be had in this area can be said to be complete, from the cloth for the purposes of the shirt (t-shirt), shirts, pants to bed linen and curtains can be obtained very easily. Besides fabric, some stores offer mercandhise that can be used for wedding souvenirs.

2. Areas of Bandung Square lined with cheap shops. Various types of products can be found in the region, ranging from fashion to that used books are in Jalan Dewi Sartika.

3. Cihampelas area which is famous for jeans and various fashion products.

4. The length and Cibaduyut Leuwi area famous for leather crafts. Superior product that can be obtained in this region are shoes, bags and leather jackets.

5. Dago and Riau region famous for distributions and Factory outletenya.

6. Setiabudi area with Factory outlete and boutiquenya.

7. Ciroyom area famous for secondhand parts for motor vehicles, iron, various products or peralataan outdoor.

8. Gedebage famous Central Market, the center of the largest used clothing.

9. Cigondewah area famous with cloth centers, equipment convection also mark goods.

10. Regions Cibadak which is famous for a variety of office equipment to various purposes for hadycraft.

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In addition to the places above, there are many more shopping attractions in Bandung which has not been mentioned. Including a shopping center or mall, which is often used also as a tourist destination shopping while in Bandung. Keen to try out or just explore above and elsewhere?