Assorted Fashion Shoe Shopping Deals Cibaduyut

Cibaduyut shopping tour, is one of many tourist destinations shopping in Bandung. Tourists and the people of Indonesia, has actually know Cibaduyut as the largest footwear industrial area in Indonesia. It could even be said to be a legend of the shoe industry in Indonesia.

As the footwear industrial area, shopping tour Cibaduyut too often become part of visits to travel agents who organize tourist trip to Bandung. Another fact, many study tours undertaken by schools from outside Bandung and West Java who visited Cibaduyut.

This proves that shopping in Cibaduyut better able to accommodate all age groups, and even economy class. In fact, the products offered in Cibaduyut shoes indeed diperutukkan for all classes.

That is, the price for each product offered in this area is very varied. As an illustration, the price range of shoes offered in Cibaduyut beginning of tens thousand to millions of rupiah. The price is certainly related to the quality and the materials it uses.

Cibaduyut footwear industrial area, located on Highway Cibaduyut. Highway Cibaduyut itself can be more easily achieved by tracing the path Soekarno Hatta or Leuwi length. Right at the intersection Leuwi length, we certainly will find a statue of a giant shoe which is also one of the landmarks of Bandung. As a landmark of course the statue is a major sign that a person has entered Cibaduyut region.

From the mouth of the road, the actual shoe shopping can begin. Getting into, lined shopping shoes and sandals will be more and more visible. Of the many shoe shops, the Oval is the largest shoe store that can also be regarded as a shopping center Cibaduyut shoes.

Oval store is also likely to currently be the main purpose of shopping in Cibaduyut. The reason is of course the land or the area is very wide. Browse and search for shoes in this store, will probably take all day.

Just imagine shoes oval area that reaches tens of millions of hectares with shoes in it. Hours may not be completed to browse this store. In addition, this store has a major attraction in the form of relatively lower price and fashion are always up to date.

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In addition Shoes oval or oval stores, shopping Cibaduyut, of course, can also be done in other stores. Berkelanja are interested in this area of ​​the largest shoe industry?