Some Sightseeing Shopping North Bandung Why It Can Be Your Visit!

North Bandung shopping, it seems no less crowded with cashew other attractions, such as culinary or nature. This is reasonable, considering the North Bandung area is still the largest tourist areas with the highest tourist traffic in Bandung. The other reason, of course, associated with the presence of facilities or shopping attractions.

North Bandung shopping, actually not much different from shopping in Bandung City. The main purpose of shopping is still held by fashion products as the highest goal. However, there are some places in South Bandung area that offers a shopping tour outside of fashion needs. Regardless of the type of products offered, here are some shopping attractions that can be visited in the area of ​​North Bandung.

1. Cihampelas Region is the first region that must be visited. Located not so far from the city of Bandung. This region is famous as the biggest jeans product shopping district in West Java. Jeans stores in the region even has a unique design, mostly themed super hero by displaying a statue of a giant super hero identity. In addition to the stores jeans, in the region there are also Cihampelas Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk) as a modern shopping center.

2. The Setiabudi area is famous for its themed shopping boutiques and factory outlete. Many boutique (boutique) and factory outlete often be subscribed shopping tourists, especially tourists from the capital. One of the most famous tourist spots in the region is the Home Mode. In Home Mode, visitors can get a variety of fashion products with the latest fashions.

In fact, clothing products in place is predicted as a barometer of Indonesian fashion. Another advantage of this is clothing in a limited number or limited edition. Due to limited numbers, visitor or customer need not worry with others who use the same clothes.

3. Lembang area may be better known as a tourist area nature. That is true, but that does not mean if not shopping can be enjoyed in the region. Tourism spending in this region is more diverse because not only superior fashion as commodities, but agricultural and livestock products. One example could diihat is a shopping area in De Ranch. In this place, visitors can do shopping from fashion to ornamental plants.

Keen to do shopping of North Bandung in three regions?

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