Want to go shopping? Listen Yuk Travel Destinations Bandung Shopping Offers It!

Cheap Bandung shopping can be done in various ways. Surely the most logical way to visit shopping centers cheap in Bandung. However, knowledge of the location of cheap shopping in Bandung certainly become absolute. To that end, here are some inexpensive shopping locations in the city.

1. Cibaduyut area famous as the center of the largest shoe industry not only in Singapore, but Indonesia. In this area, visitors can choose from hundreds to thousands of models of shoes as you wish. The price offered in this place is actually very diverse ranging from tens thousand to millions of rupiah. However, many also deals with discounts up to 70%. In addition to shoes, visitors can find other commodities, especially handbags and leather handicrafts.

2. New Market Bandung. In Bandung's shopping attractions, visitors can buy a variety of commodities, ranging from fashion, fabric, prayer equipment, beauty equipment and forth at low prices.

3. Road Tamim located beside New Market, Bandung, once famous as a place of cheap clothes, especially jeans and t shirt. Currently, Tamim more famous as a shopping center in Bandung cheap fabric. However, in some places visitors can still get clothing or utilize the services of a tailor lightning scattered at some point.

4. Shops Dewi Sartika in the square area of ​​Bandung, which is famous for its massive discount. Some stores even offer a range of jeans which can be obtained at a price no more than Rp. 30,000.

5. Flower City Market, Jalan Dalem on the duo. The location is not visible from the roadside. Nevertheless, the market is fairly broad because it is connected directly to the Bandung Asia Africa. In this market, visitors can find a variety of goods such as bags, belts, fashion to handicrafts.

6. Parahyangan located beside the Masjid Raya Bandung Bandung or square. Shops are filled by hundreds of brands of this distribution, can be used as a shopping tour distributions quality clothes cheap in Bandung.

7. Andir famous market with super cheap clothing is another alternative of cheap shopping Bandung. Although inexpensive, visitors must be really careful to buy clothing in this place. The main reason is that many commodities that are of very low quality.

In addition to the places above, there are many other places that can be visited as a tourist destination shopping cheap Bandung.
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