This is He Sightseeing South Bandung Shopping!

South Bandung shopping, actually no less appealing with a shopping tour in the city of Bandung. The only difference is related to the distance and the number of places to shop. Shopping attractions in South Bandung area is not as much of Bandung city, so even with the distance.

Inter places to shop in South Bandung even have a relatively far distance or very far. Such a situation is by naked eye can be used as a parameter that determines the scarcity of shopping attractions in the region of South Bandung. In addition also far enough away from the hustle of the city.

However, there are actually several shopping attractions of South Bandung were located not too far from the city. This shopping place, even considered a favorite shopping place because the price is tilted with guaranteed quality. Two of the few places in southern Bandung area that must be visited are:

1. Regions Cibaduyut. Since inception several periods ago, this area is famous for shoe industry. In other words, if you want to hunt for inexpensive footwear products with good quality Cibaduyut is the place.

Shoes that are offered in this place is derived from industry people, some even coming from a cottage industry which are spread throughout Cibaduyut. It was also likely to cause a cheapening of the price in the region. However, because of the quality of the shoes on the market and the demand is very high, it seems reasonable if the area is asked as a center of West Java's famous shoe not only at national level, but also abroad.

Towards this area is easy, can be a way trace Jalan Soekarno Hatta from the East or West. Benchmark is a statue of the shoe as high as approximately 4 meters which stands at the intersection Leuwi Long-Cibaduyut.

2. Gang Nata famous with the rest of the clothing products eksportnya. This area became famous in the early 90s. Products derived from convection or garment around Kopo for export. Some call shopping in Gang Nata not lose the thrill of shopping at Factory outlete.

One thing that distinguishes, some shops and products offered in the region, is still negotiable. Bargaining is this which is the main attraction when shopping in a shopping aisle Nata.

Keen to try out two places above as a tourist destination shopping South Bandung? Come and enjoy the sensation directly while in Bandung.

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