Jeans Still Being Featured products Shopping Cihampelas

For some people, especially residents of Bandung Cihampelas shopping certainly is not foreign. From the first, Jeans was already well known as a superior product from Cihampeas shopping. Jeans is known as a fashion product in the category cassual used in a casual or daily. Although the development of fashion nowadays, is often combined with matching jeans as part of formal wear. Jeans like this generally dark-colored jeans matched with a suit and dress shoes.

Apart from the use jeans, shopping Cihampelas already well-known from the past, is still regarded as an important destination for the sustainability of tourism in Bandung. Not infrequently rating that sets Cihampelas as its primary purpose.

Many interesting things can be found in this Cihampelas area. One of the most dominant and form the image directly Cihampelas of tourists impression jeans store model is unique and still preserved up to now.

The uniqueness of jeans in the store Cihampelas Bandung and can not be obtained elsewhere are shops themed super hero. Themes such as expressly stated in super hero figurines rasasa that once a unique identity not only for the store in question, but also for Cihampelas as part of Bandung.Dengan other words, the unique identity of this kind, could also be considered as part of the image Bandung creative city.

How to Reach Locations

As a general overview, the region cihampelas was in lane one-way street. In the past, jeans stores spread across the left and right of the road. At present, more jeans store occupies the left side of the road.

To reach the site, can be done in two ways. The first way that most easily through Dago and Jalan Taman Sari. Visitors staying trace the path towards Jalan Taman Sari Siliwangi until crossroad Gandok. From this intersection, visitors turn left as if turned to the opposite (right) will lead visitors to the region Punclut. Cihampelas area, only a few dozen meters from this intersection.

The second way is the way memalui Flyover from gasibu direction and take the downward direction of the first derivative. Of this derivative, visitors take a straight direction and turn at the intersection Cipaganti. There are many intersections that will be encountered in this Cipaganti road.

As a suggestion visitors should continue to spend the way Cipaganti by taking the right lane. At the junction of the road terakhiryaitu Setiabudhi, visitors should turn right. Consistent with the track and the right direction is the main way to achieve Cihampelas area.

Those are some things about Cihampelas shopping tour, may be useful.

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