Super Cheap clothes Andir Market Bandung

Bandung Andir market, the name may not be as famous as other shopping complex in the city of Bandung. This shopping complex, is intended for the middle class down. Although not cover the fact that many upper middle class who visit or purchase products on this market.

As shopping glanced lower classes as market segmentation, price of products offered in the market Andir this, of course, far below the price of other stores. One of the main reasons related to the pricing of this, of course, directly related to the quality of products they offer

Therefore, do not protest or complain about the quality of the products offered in this place. However, when viewed from the side of feasibility, appropriateness or models, products in this place is not inferior to the product in other places.

As an illustration, this Bandung Andir Market emphasizes fashion as its main commodity. Diverse fashion ranging from pants, shirts, shirts, jackets and so on can be obtained very easily. Price cheapness in this place can be obtained with a system of discounts starting from 10% to 50%.

Not only that, some stores still apply also bargaining system. That is, even if there are plastered bandroll almost all products, prices of these products could still be "shaken" or lowered until the price agreement.

Products offered in this place, can be purchased at retail or grossiran. Buyer will certainly get discounted prices much cheaper if bought in large quantities or grossiran. Purchases grossiran usually done by the reseller or the draper or elsewhere.

Traders like this, usually they are re-selling clothes in traditional markets, street vendors or market spilled berperasi on holiday. Not infrequently also traders from outside the city who buy merchandise in this place.

As the market that offers clothes with a super low price, this place can certainly serve as a tourist destination shopping in Bandung. especially for the tourists who want souvenirs in the form of clothing in large quantities, but at a price that does not strangle.

To find out what products are offered in this place, just come to Bandung Andir Market shopping complex which is located almost at the end of Jalan Sudirman generals, Bandung. Its location in the form of multi-storey buildings in the area of ​​Andir Market.

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