Travel by public transportation requirement fulfillment Margahayu-Plumbing

Bandung as a big city is a city that is very creative and varied. This is evident from the number of new creations, such as the culinary and fashion. But beyond that, other variants contained in Bandung is public transport or commonly referred to public transportation. Among the many public transportation operations, public transportation Margahayu-Plumbing feels to be one which is quite convenient.

Plumbing Margahayu public transportation-it has a style that is easily recognizable. By having a combination of blue and yellow, public transportation makes it look cheerful. Moreover, of the many cars he uses, many of which use the latest car. By doing so, will make passengers more comfortable. Cars used in this public transportation use Japanese products are already very experienced.

The route followed by these public transportation can be quite far in between other public transportation route. Not only that, the route passes through some areas even the famous Bandung. As for the rates charged in this public transportation Rp 6,000 for a single journey.

Area renowned bustling with wisatawannya, as Rancabolang with sales center brownies kukusnya, Park Scout as a center of scout activities in West Java, Jalan Riau as a center for factory outlet, Jalan Merdeka located mall oldest in Bandung, Wastukancana into the street where City Hall Bandung is located , Cipaganti which are home eating barbecued ribs and historic mosques, Setiabudhi existing Rumah Mode factory outlet subscription as the tourists, as well UPI magnificent campus in North Bandung, up to the terminal Plumbing as a gateway to Lembang area, and surrounding areas.

As for the return in addition to passing through areas the same, public transportation is going through a number of areas, such as road Sukajadi that there is a large mall with a unique concept and hospitals the largest in West Java, Simple with the traditional markets, Cihampelas as a fashion center of interest , Riau, to Soekarno-Hatta, and end up back in Rancabolang.

Seeing the many crowded the route passed by this public transportation, public transportation can be said to have passed through strategic path. Although we do not have a private vehicle, with this public transportation we can reach to the bustling destination location. It never hurts to try to travel by public transportation-Plumbing Margahayu this.

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