Parts market Banceuy - paradise for lovers Automotive In Bandung

Parts market Banceuy

Banceuy parts market being hunted by everyone. All people, especially those in need of automotive goods are good and go directly to the quality of this place.

Yes, Banceuy was already known as a wide variety of inexpensive parts. Although not new, this place parts can still be used and the quality is quite good. This area was not unfamiliar among automotive enthusiasts.

Road Banceuy

The area that many call centers these parts there was already a long time. Around the 50s, centers or parts market is known as Santiong. Santiong first is actually a burial area for the Chinese community.

Ingestion region is then converted into Terminal Dago. From this and the central parts starts. Pengalihfungsian Santiong the Terminal Dago is then used by the street vendors who sell their wares in the form of used parts here.

Traders Car Parts On the Banceuy
Traders Car Parts Banceuy Way | Photo: www (dot) youtube (dot) com
Increasingly, vendors in the market is also growing Banceuy. Added street vendors is driven by many enthusiasts or buyers who are looking for a lot of spare parts quality used in the market.

Traders parts here, some are opening their own stores of the region. In addition, too many traders who peddle wares diroda-wheel or roadside Banceuy the region. Until now, the area was more crowded Banceuy.

Banceuy road Bandung

Banceuy market stretches from Jalan Asia Afrika until Jalan Suniaraja. The auto parts market area erpotong by ABC Street, not far from the area. The traders who menjajajkan merchandise in the form of spare parts starts from the intersection of Jalan ABC and Banceuy until the end of Jalan Suniaraja.

In addition to auto parts, the visitors who come to this region can hunt car accessories. Starting from the steering wheel, lights, rearview car, horn, until the service door of the car can be found Banceuy Parts Market this region. Not only that, visitors who come and buy parts here, will get free installation service from the seller.

Traders Parts On the Road Banceuy Bandung
Traders Parts On the Banceuy Bandung | Photo: www (dot) youtube (dot) com
Tips for those who want to buy parts in place, make sure you have been searching for the item you want throughout the seller in the region. Pintarlah comparing one and another place. Because, although the goods are sold by merchants here of good quality, the price sold was different.

First visitors should also be aware of items to be purchased. In addition it will be easier to search, visitors will also not be tertipi by merchants ignorant unscrupulous buyers.

Accessories Mobill On the Road Banceuy Bandung

Over time, this region is not only crowded by rows of merchants Taua car accessories parts. Now, start popping up shops that sell other items, such as lamps or electronics store, which is open around the market that provide more emergency 200 merchants parts and accessories of the car.
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