Antiques On The Market stall Cikapundung Bandung

Hunting Place Antiques In Bandung

Bandung is known as a paradise for those who like to shop. Various items, be it clothing, furniture, auto parts, until antiquities available in the city nicknamed the Paris Van Java. Not surprisingly, the capital of West Java province is becoming a tourist destination is endless.

Talking about antiques, Bandung is often a destination for a hobby among collectors who collect vintage items alias relic. Many places in the city of Bandung become a destination for antique collectors. Some places are even becoming a tourist destination hunt for antiques in Bandung.

Cikapundung market Bandung

One place that provides a variety of antiques in the city of Bandung is the Art Market and Antique Cikapundung Bandung. The market known as Cikapundung market is famous for antiques are much sought after by collectors. All kinds of goods are valuable art and antiques are also available here. No wonder if the market is never empty of visitors.

Cikapundung market can be said to be paradise for collectors to hunt for antiques in Bandung. Right on the 3rd floor Cikapundung Market, various antiques that have artistic value and classic sold. All the antiques are sold in this market are neatly arranged in approximately 120 stalls there.

Each stall lined Cikapundung Market has antiques different. That is what makes the collector of antiques and art value goods are never bored uintuk visit. Rows of stalls in the Market Cikapundung offers a variety of items are mostly to be hunted by collectors.

Some goods are peddled dikios-stall antiques variety of themes, such as the theme of teen toys or antiques in the form of toys made of metal. There are also antiques in the form of packaging or unique packaging of cans. Not only that, there is also the old electronic goods and antiques made of enamel or silica.

Antique items Cikapundung In The Market

Although many antiques were sold in the hunt for antiques in Bandung, not all collectors of antiques can have. Most of the traders antiques here is a collector of antiques as well. Most of the antiques, there are leased, partly in a private collection for the owner of the kiosk. No wonder so many antiques are sold here has a diverse and characteristic of each.

For collectors, antiques are not only in the form of old stuff. In the hearts of collectors, antiques has become an important and becomes a pride if it has a variety of these items in the present.

Antique items

Many reasons of the collectors who collect antiques to be able to desperately get antiques antiquity. In addition to the condition of antiques who prefers quality, antiques can also be a reminder of the past to the owner. No wonder, if these antiques of high value. The longer the age of the item, the higher the prices offered.

Cikapundung market which houses antique hunting has its own characteristics. Therefore, this market is never empty of visitors. In every day, the market is filled by collectors who hunt for antiques. Not only collector in the country, many antique collectors who come from abroad.

Market Hours Cikapundung Bandung

For those of you who are interested to visit Cikapundung market, it is advisable to come in the afternoon until evening. Unlike most stores, stalls in the market is open from the afternoon or evening until late at night.

Curious? Please visit the market place in Bandung antique hunting as soon as possible!
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