PVJ Bandung - Places of Interest Complete at Flower City

Paris Van Java or PVJ Bandung is one of the most famous shopping center in the city of flowers. The location is located in Jl. Sukajadi No. 131-139 and had the official website located at paris-van-java.com. Through the concept that carried Resort Lifestyle Place, PVJ offers a unique experience to the visitors, which is a combination between the activities of shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Concept Structuring Tenant And Space
If viewed from the interior design, PVJ provide a wide range of tenants comprising fashion brands from national to international class. Similarly, the culinary, which served not only the traditional cuisine and the archipelago, but also other menu from Asia to Europe. And of course do not miss the variety of entertainment facilities such as cinemas that present the latest films, rides, karaoke, and so on.

PVJ Mall Bandung

PVJ building architecture to apply the concept of open water or open style. This makes the small size tenants who number in the hundreds can be arranged neatly, almost similar to the bazaar. This makes all the visitors who come to a place to feel comfortable.

Moreover, this architectural style also makes the space inside still looks bright despite wearing only lighting and electricity limited. Because sunlight can enter freely into space from morning to evening. In addition, although during the day the sun emits light with light, but the atmosphere in the room remains cool.

Area Culinary
One Spot PVJ food in Bandung

Once entered into PVJ Bandung area, visitors will be confronted with a variety of upper-middle-class restaurant and a cafe. Starting from just relaxing or chatting while coffee together, enjoy a variety of dishes to Asian and European archipelago can all be done in this place.

In addition, on each floor are available similar tenants are scattered at some point. Conditions like these that make shopping and entertainment center looks more unique and every day is always filled with visitors. Especially at noon to night, especially during weekends and holidays. Guaranteed, visitors and tourists who like a culinary activities will never feel tired of coming here.

Shopping Fashion
PVJ tenants in Bandung
If you go deeper into the more, visitors will be served by the tenant lined fashion and boutique sells a wide assortment of clothing or apparel and other fashion products. In addition made in the country itself, there are many tenants who sell fashion abroad and imported. Almost all of which are famous brands and well-known as a quality product.

Shopping enthusiasts will certainly consider this place as their haven. Moreover, the products are sold very complete fashion, and some of them dared to give rebates or discounts are quite high. And that makes visitors feel more happy is the access provided to run wider than the other existing malls in the city of flowers.

Nearby Hotels In Paris Van Java
Hotel Scarlet Dago
For visitors from out of town who want to travel and shop in Paris Van Java or PVJ Bandung, do not get confused because in the surrounding area there are several hotels that can be selected and used as a place of lodging.

For example, Scarlet Dago Hotel which is located in Jl. Siliwangi No. 5 Dago. This two-star hotel is only about two kilometers away from the Mall PVJ. All rooms use a modern style and is priced at a rate of approximately 800 thousand rupiahs per night.

Scarlet Dago Hotel Bandung
If you want to look for hotels closer to PVJ Bandung can choose De Java Hotel which is only about 100 meters, so it can be accessed by foot. Star hotel is set even lower price of about 650 thousand rupiah per night for a standard room.
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