Some Regional Textile recognize in Bandung

Several areas of textiles in the city, based on the historical record will not be able to break away from its critical role in the development of modern textiles in Indonesia. Modern designations here has more to do with the production system on a large scale. That is, once the tool used is still a simple, known as loom machines, textile industry Bandung in the past have been successfully supplying the largest clothing needs on a national scale.

Textile production, is actually no longer a new thing for the people of Indonesia in general. The reason is of course that the textile industry is always related to the weave. While a typical weaving activity or the main feature of the system of division of labor in Indonesian society in general. In fact, to this day weaving is still regarded as women's work.

Back on the development of the modern textile industry in the city of Bandung, the glory of the textile industry in this city bisadikatakan comes after the entry of big machines in industrial activity. Machines like this is expressly able to change the structure or patterns of work in the weaving activity overall.

That is, the arrival of this machine directly took over manual activities ranging from spinning raw material into yarn, to weaving the yarn into cloth. Another impact of the arrival of these machines is the change in social structure with open jobs as factory workers.

Regardless of the impact or the social structure of Bandung, where the textile industry, in the city could be said to be converging in some areas. Several areas of textiles in the city that never known even to this day, among others:
1. The area Padasuka which can also be regarded as a center for the early development of the modern textile industry in the city. Many factories nationwide that appears in this region. One of the many factories that remained up to now is Yamatex engaged in spinning mills.

2. Regional Cikadut which are no more than 300 meters to the east terminal Cicaheum. This region can be said to have a glorious history relating to the textile industry in the city. In this region, there is also the National Textile Agency (BTN) which is also the biggest textile factory in the city of Bandung. The owner is a resident of Tiong Hoa descent named Yo Jade Sie.

3. Regional Road Jakarta, Banten precisely in the way can be regarded as a textile factory complex the largest ever in the city. Uniquely, the textile mills in the region is leading to the knitting and garment industry.

4. Kiara Lean region with many textile categories, ranging darikain to knit.
5. Regional Binong more focus on the knitting industry and many other places.

Thus the discussion on the textile region in Bandung, which can disasmpaikan, may be useful.

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