Cibadak area Bandung

since the first is known as the largest wholesale district in the city. You could say all kinds of needs can be found in this place. Ranging from household goods to needs related to business activities. Ranging from plates, cups, spoons and forks, stationery, until the sewing needle and mute as the smallest item of commodity diperjualkan at this location.

Bandung Cibadak region, can actually be divided into two areas. The reason is, this road was interrupted by Jalan Astana Anyar. The first wlayah can be traced from the mouth of the Cibadak located on roads Oto Iskandar Dinata (Otista) in the east and cut off by road Astana Anyar in the west. While the second area, starting from Astana Anyar Street and ends at the road Sudirman.

Cibadak road Bandung

Interestingly, both these Cibadak Road area, has different characteristics. The first region is a region that consists of a row of commercial shops that sell a range of goods at wholesale prices. In this region is also the phenomenon of used clothing which is known as Cimopl bemula.

Shops in the region, began operating from approximately 08:00 am until about sunset. Therefore, commercial or commercial activity can be obtained at hours like this. However, when night falls, the region will turn into a culinary region roadside. Therefore, no wonder if Cibadak often become the reference for a culinary tour of Bandung.

Cibadak shopping in Bandung

It looks different from the second region. This area is not too crowded. Invisible commercial or commercial activity during the day. But at night, the area will turn into a nightlife district.
Apart from the above description, often calling Cibadak region as Chinatown area in Bandung. This is consistent with the facts, especially in the temple as a means of worship descent Tiong Hoa in Bandung.

One of the many interesting things in kawasanini are the buildings past with a form that is still awake. Maintaining the shape of the buildings in this area of ​​course, because almost all of the buildings are still used in accordance with its function. Thus sustainability will remain untreated.

Roads region Cibadak Bandung

Therefore natural that city government then assume the existence of an old building in Bandung Cibadak this region as an invaluable asset. The proof is the determination of this region as an area of ​​Bandung Tempo used to be highly related to the tourist area of ​​historical and educative.

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