Used Motorcycle Sales Center in Bandung

Since long, the citizens of Bandung have known the way Ciateul as used bike sales center in Bandung. Second-hand motorcycle dealers can be found easily along this road. Visitors may be stunned by the hundreds of motorcycles that lined up neatly meet almost all parts dealer page. Uniquely, the former being more motors are offered in the region, including in-class products and new motor.

Ciateul road known as road Inggit Ganarsih. In this way, too, traces of Sukarno and mother Inggit Ganarsih be found. Apart from the historical existence of the Soekarno, actually not so clear since when this road turns into the center of a used motorcycle sales center in Bandung. However, based on information and stories of citizens, used bike sales in the region or have been initiated since the late '80s.

Used Motorcycle Sales Center Ciateul

Historically, the end of the '80s including the starting point in the golden period of buying and selling motorcycles. In this era, new motor products mainly Japanese motorcycle class duck increasingly eyeing Indonesia as a target market. Impact, the number of sale and purchase of motor becomes high. Such a situation is directly triggered the emergence of a business selling motorcycle, the motorcycle used as the main commodity.

In the era of 90s, the business of buying and selling motorcycles is increasing. It relates also to the existence of the motor starts to change from lux or tertiary needs become secondary needs. In this era motorcycle dealers in Jalan Ciateul reached its peak.

Sales of Used Motor Ciateul

In the late 90s, the system of buying and selling motorcycles in Ciateul begin to look at the credit system with the advent of the leasing system. The emergence of this system, causing many dealers in Ciateul cooperation with companies holding leasing.

On the other hand, leasing companies began to expand with new motors sales on credit. Even motorcycle loans can be obtained very easily and cheaply. As a result, people prefer to get a new motor by means of credit. In other words, the former motorcycle sales in Ciateul started to feel the decline in the late 90s to the present.

Used Motorcycle Dealer in Bandung Ciateul

However, some dealers still survive in Jalan Ciateul, of course, shows that buying and selling used motorcycles is still a promising business. Although sales and motors are displayed in this area is not as much as before. Terpelas of it all, the image of Ciateul as used motor sales center in Singapore remain attached to the present.

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