This is the pioneer that introduced the white beer in Jakarta:

Brewmaster Paulaner Brauhaus doctor nicknamed Arie Susanto beer, designation refers to the two-story, which is about how he went to Germany with the intention of studying medicine, but then ended by studying Beer Engineering for almost eight years at the Technische Universitat Munchen. Accompanied Weissbier Paulaner Brauhaus racikannya in the afternoon share thoughts - thoughts to Rielya Lasano

I want to present a consistent beer tastes. When a come and try the beer tastes good and months ahead to come back to the same place, it should be the same. This is what I want to present at Paulaner Brauhaus. In addition Paulaner is brauhaus - brewery house - a house where beer is made. Traditionally, the beer made at home - small house is the most delicious beer for guaranteed freshness. Home-style beer Paulaner Brauhaus can only be enjoyed here, because it will not be found elsewhere.

Weissbier Jakarta public response to your concoction?
I expected more. Weissbier tastes nothing like regular beer, but in fact more and more who come to try to Paulaner Weissbier.
How beer culture in Jakarta?

Now more and more people who enjoy beer, not just as an alcoholic drink to get drunk, as more and more places to drink beer that have sprung up in Jakarta. It is a good sign, even if the beer is offered it - that's it, because the house or dispensing beer brewery itself is not our culture. I hope the beer connoisseur can change the lay view that beer is the drink for relaxation, and not as a venue for sinners, so that will permit easy for entrepreneurs who want to create their own brewery house. If that happens, Jakarta will have a beer different variants - different to enjoy.

Explain hallmark of beer concoction you?

If so asked, I can not claim there is a concoction that I can call Arie Beer. But each dispensing beer, I tried memikrkan people - people who will drink it because the concoction that will be enjoyed by others.

After learning Beer Engineering, science is most useful in a job now? Everything is in use, especially bio-chemistry. I also learned to keep applying thermodynamic engine in order to remain stable in order to produce a concoction that is not too bubbly. It is important, in order to taste the beer at the Beer Engineering stabil.Kelas favorite? I enjoy classes that teach sensory analysis. Because it used an ingredient - imported materials, often must rely on their own senses to ensure its quality, for example, should be able to smell good malt.

It occurred untukmendirikan beer school in Indonesia?

It occurred, but for what? Permissions too difficult and not much interested, so who are interested in learning directly to Jerman.Toh, materials - materials used were mostly to be imported.

The best thing about the job as brewmaster?
When people commend me delicious concoction of beer, and then they come back on another day to Paulaner with people - new people. For me it was the hardest terbesar.Hal achievement? Satisfy everyone, but wherever possible I want everyone can enjoy a beer concoction saya.Tokoh who want to talk while drinking beer? Mohammad Hatta, because the thought - he thought extraordinary. I believe, by drinking beer, people can be more relaxed, relaxed, and free to express themselves. Unlike the drunk, yes! Well .., I wanted to create a relaxed atmosphere with Bung Hatta about many things.

Favorite beer? The reason?
In my opinion, no one can be called as the best beer. Just imagine, if you are asked to name the best wine in the world. Surely everyone will come up with a different answer - beda.Brewery best in the world? Been there? Brewery in Germany, mostly a home brewery that is very old and handed down from generation - generation - it is the best brewery according me.You long enough stay in Munich. For those who want to get there, please recommend some of the best places to visit!

Munich is filled old Gothic-style building, typical of the capital of the kingdom of Bavaria, so walk through the town will be a very enjoyable activity. I recommend to visit Marion Plaza, Frauenkirche Church beautiful, also diverse brauhausnya to taste the beer - the most delicious beer in Germany. Maximilian Street and the Olympia Stadium are also eligible to dikunjungi.Travel bucket list? I love scuba diving and want to Manado, Maumere, Alor, and Kakaban. I love visiting the area - rural areas that have not been visited by tourists

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